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Poco did not record "Africa". The band Toto recorded that on their "Toto IV" album.

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When was The Best Of - Poco album - created?

The Best Of - Poco album - was created in 1980.

When was Legacy - Poco album - created?

Legacy - Poco album - was created on 1989-09-23.

When was Indian Summer - Poco album - created?

Indian Summer - Poco album - was created in 1977-05.

When was The Ultimate Collection - Poco album - created?

The Ultimate Collection - Poco album - was created on 1998-11-17.

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What does the musical direction poco a poco mean?

Poco a poco means gradually.

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What Canadian snl cast member used to design album covers for bands such as poco and America?

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Lyrics to "Un Poco De Tu Amor" can be found easily on YouTube, as there are videos to that song which include the lyrics. They can also be found the Lyrics Translate and Lyrics for Song websites.

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it is a song but it is on her album speak now

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little :) Poco a poco means little by little also. so if you have a crescendo with a poco, it means a small cresendo

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