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Comparison of classical and neo classical economist?

classical economists are those economists who used 'scarce resources' concepts in their economic theories where as neo ones used price output income distribution like concepts in their theories.

What are the four important political concepts that have evolved from Greece and Rome?

The four that were developed in this time line was. territorial state, sovereignty, nationalism and democracy

What are the concepts of political science?

the concepts o political science are about the dried booger and rotten eggs mixed together!

Mathematical concepts developed by the Gupta Empire helped Muslims invent?

Mathematical concepts developed by the Gupta Empire helped Muslims invent algebra.

The concepts of erosion and deposition were developed by?

James Hutton developed the concept of erosion and deposition.

What is Italy's major health concepts?

The major health concepts of Italy are the same as in the rest of the developed world.

Roman culture was affected by which civilizations?

Roman culture was affected by every civilization it conquered to one degree or other. However, the largest influence was that of the ancient Greeks. Romans looked to them for political, social, and spiritual concepts.

What is traditional or classical grammar?

Traditional, or classical, grammar is typically used in language education. It is he set of concepts and rules about the structure of language that is taught in school.

What basic concepts of algebra were developed by Muslims?

the concept of the + sign. they also developed the concept of zero. and the+ sign

What basic concepts of algebra were developed by Arabs?

The inventions of the zero and the logarithms.

What are the differences between statistical thermodynamics and classical thermodynamics in concepts and methods?

classical thermodyanamics is applicable in the continuum regime statistical thermodyanamics is applicable to non continuum regime

What is the difference between Modern Physics and Classical Physics?

Modern physics deals with photoelectric process, quantum physics, electromagnetism, ext. whereas classical physics deals with kinematics, rotational dynamics, simple motion, gravitation, ext.. In other words: "modern" physics deals with relatively new concepts whereas "classical" physics deals with older concepts.

How did Rene Descartes invent scientific notation?

He developed the concepts which were set out by Archimedes.

Mathematical concepts developed by the Gupta Empire helped Muslims invent what?

The Zero.

Why math is important in political science?

Mathematics is important in political science as a means for modelling political concepts. With math, we can simplify and analyse ideas quantitatively.

March and Simon developed three important concepts in their administrative model of decision making. What are the 3 concepts?

Rational, Bounded Rationality, and Intuition

What are basic accounting concepts?

The main objective of Accounting concepts is to maintain uniformity and consistency in accounting records. These concepts constitute the very basis of accounting. All the concepts have been developed over the years from experience and thus they are universally accepted rules.

What is classical physics?

Classical physics refers to the branch of Physics whereby energy and matter are two very different concepts. It is usually based on the theory of electromagnetic radiation and the laws of motion.

What has the author H A Buchdahl written?

H. A. Buchdahl has written: 'Concepts of classical thermodynamics' 'Optical aberration coefficients'

Who Most of today's computer designs are based on concepts developed by?

John von Neumann

What overall or pervasive constraints were developed in Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts?

benefits and costs

What is one of the most basic concepts of algebra that was developed by Arabs?

The inventions of the zero and the logarithms

What is the political stability?

An attempt to define political stability must begin by clarifying the concepts of politics and political structure. Political behavior is any act by any member of a ...society behave politically

Who developed probability theory?

The Italian mathematician, Cardano, developed the basic concepts of probability in the 16th Century when he was studying games of chance. His ideas were further developed, in the next century by Pascal and Fermat.

What two fundamental concepts are the main concerns of physics?

The study and understanding of matter and energy and their interactions.