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Democrats and Republicans.

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Q: What political parties were part of the American civil war?
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What is considered a customary part of American political culture?

The full question is: What would be considered a customary part of American political culture not in the Constitution A the president can only serve two terms B political parties and their national conventions C the vice-presidency D freedom of speech The Constitution is silent about B political parties and their national conventions but these are customary parts of US Politics.

Why are political parties an important part of the canadien political process?


What part of speech is political parties?

A political party is a noun. It is a political organisation that has specific beliefs, usually different from other parties, who seeks to attain political power.

How many political parties do hawaiians have?

Hawaii is part of the United States. They have have access to all the same political parties as the rest of the country.

Which political development in the US is considered part of the unwritten constitution?

system of political parties

Why are political parties considered an important part of a democractic political system?

they provide a way of organizing and resolving political conflict

Is the American Civil War part of the civil wars?

Yes.Yes It Was

What are the two major political parties in the US are a considered part of?

the unwritten Constitution

What political parties are most like communist parties?

Once again the DingoBot does not realize that nothing here is repetitive.Within today's world there are a number of political parties that call themselves "communist parties". For the most part these parties have as one of their goals the major means of production to be controlled by the government. How this would be accomplished and what the particular policies would be differ widely. With that being said, there are other political parties that call themselves "socialist parties". These parties also want the major means of production to be in the control of the government.In general terms the socialists and the communist have a goal in common.. as it was presented. However, the socialist parties want no part of forced political power or authoritarian powers. The various communist parties will have a "hook". The hook is that they are not democratically inclined.

What political parties were sir Robert L borden?

Sir Robert Borden was part of the Conservative Party.

Why was the slave issue a political issue?

because slaves were a part of our country and somebody had to say it was unfaire so political parties from the north and south disputed it

Which item was part of the Populist Party's platform?

they were won through the efforts of other political parties at a later time