What population of America is against homosexuality?

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as of 2013 only about 47% of the population is against gay people, and this population consists almost entirely of Christians and Muslims.
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Arguments against homosexuality and arguments for?

Homosexuality as with all things human is neither right or wrong, it simply is. Persecuting people for who they are is why America was founded and finally seceded from the E

Is Obama against homosexuality?

Barack Obama and Gay Rights in Illinois: . Barack Obama supported gay rights during his Illinois Senate tenure. He sponsored legislation in Illinois that would ban discrimi

Is Homosexuality against the law?

Homosexuality is not a crime in most of the developed world. However, homosexual acts are illegal in some countries. In the United States, they are not illegal if performed

Why was Hitler so against homosexuals?

It was a mixture of reasons. They were not able to carry out his master plan. Sure, he willingly accepted their help in setting things up, but once things started rolling, he

Is homosexuality against god?

If god made everyone, then he made gay people (who do not choose their sexuality). "And god saw everything that he had made, and it was good."

Why are Catholics against homosexuality?

Because, in the bible, Adam was paired with Eve , who was a woman . He was not paired with another Adam. Roman Catholic Answer You must first look at whether you are t

What does the government have against homosexuals?

The "government", depending on which government you're askingabout, doesn't have anything against homosexuals. Some of thepeople in some governments have a "shifting of author

Why did hitler discriminate against homosexuals?

Because he probably had gay feelings and couldn't accept them in himself. They couldn't carry out his vision for a "super race," and neither could he contribute to it for that

Are you against homosexuality?

Many people feel differently toward others based upon sexual orientation. Has many aspects of rearing, environment, etc. My personal opinion Personally, I am not agains

Are communists against homosexuality?

I speaking from China. I am man who likes other man. I having been arrested by male hot policemans for liking man. We homosexual having no rights in China at moment. We needin
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Is homosexuality against god's law?

Well, the bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination against God himself, as well as his laws. For instance, here are a few verses for proof of where it can be
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Why are Muslims against homosexuality and others are not?

First, it should be noted that there are numerous Non-Muslims whooppose homosexuality. For example, the strongest opposition tohomosexuality in the Americas has consistently c