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Q: What power did the colonists have?
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How does a colonial representative government protect the colonists from an abuse of power?

Colonists protected themselves from abuse of power by forming a representative government.

Who is responsible for the abuse to the colonists?

The British were responsible. They were trying to show they had more power, and keep control over the colonists

Colonists opposed the Stamp Act because?

It was a "direct " tax, one that was placed on the item when it was sold. The colonists said parliament had the power to tax for the regulation of trade but only colonial assemblies elected by the colonists had the power to enact direct taxes.

Colonists believed that a country's equaled power?

People ! :) <3

Why did the colonists use water power?

The colonists used water power, because during the Industrial Revolution in the U.S., The development of the textile mills and the inventions that brought it about were powered only by water.

Where does Thomas Jefferson state where the government receives its power from?

From the opinions of the colonists.

What is a rhyming word pair for colonists' ship strength?

Pioneers' fleet heft

Why do you think the colonies rejected the Albany plan?

They were not willing to lose their/colonists power

How did the Mayflower Compact challenge the power of monarchy?

it gave civil rights to colonists

In what way did colonists hold some political power in the colonies?

They elected assemblies

Where was the first open fight between colonists and british?

The colonists felt that the King of England (George 3) had too much control over them and was abusing that power

How can you explain Sense for Independence?

The British people in England had control. The colonists had no power or freedom.