What power stations produce CO2?

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Coal fired power plants,Petroleum power plants,

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Q: What power stations produce CO2?
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Related questions

Why were power stations built?

To produce electricity

Coal is used as fuel to produce what?

in power stations to produce electricity,,,

How does combustion affect the atmosphere?

that's wat i wnna no .... CO2 is made when we burn fossil fuels in cars in our homes and in power stations. The amount of cars and power stations however is rising. Also combustion can mean respiration in an organism, and so when all the living things on Earth respire they produce CO2. This means that CO2 levels are steadily rising. Hope that helps :) x

Where is nuclear How and where it is used?

Nuclear Power is used in power stations to produce electricity

What do you know about power stations what are they and why are they needed?

Power stations produce electricity, and we need them because electricity is essential to our modern way of life

What source of energy does not produce carbon dioxide when it is used?

Wind energy being used in wind mill would not produce CO2 Nuclear power plants would not produce CO2 Hydropower would not produce CO2 Why not? Solar energy in case of solar cells would not produce CO2

How do chp power stations achieve higher efficiencies than normal power stations?

CHP power stations produce a lot more heat. And therefor a lot more power. So that then means there is more efficiencies.

Do nuclear power station produce co2?

The generating process in which the electricity is made produces no co2, however during the whole process of nuclear power there are co2 emissions.

What emissions come from fossil fuel power stations?

The burning of fossil fuels in power stations (coal, oil and natural gas) for the generation of electricity, releases carbon dioxide (CO2).

Do total electric homes produce co2?

Yes... At the power plant.

What are the problems of thermal power stations?

The stations letting CO2 gas out to the atmosphere to act as a blanket or a green house so this makes our earth warmer and this stations damage our plants and animals.

What do nuclear power stations produce very little of that are dangerous?

Nuclear waste.

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