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What powers a sailboat?


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Wind powers a sailboat.

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Wind powers the sailboat. The sun (solar) powers the winds.

Barcă cu pînze is a Romanian equivalent of 'sailboat'.

Yes, sailboat is a compound word. (sail + boat = sailboat)

a pole on a sailboat is a mast

The sailboat was invented in Ancient Mesopotamia.

bad ( with a fada on the 'a') seoil

Sailboat is a compound noun.

The first civilization that invented the sailboat was the Sumerians.

The Egyptian people were said to have made the first sailboat.

A sailboat without a sail is but a hull of itself.

The correct spelling is "sailboat" (boat propelled by sails).

If there is no wind and the sailboat has no auxiliary engine

The wind is what causes a sailboat to sail.

NO motor is necessary on a sailboat.

Collects wind, it is a triangular sail placed at the front of the sailboat.

In racing situations, the general rule is the sailboat on a starboard tack has the right of way. In navigational situations, generally the larger sailboat has right of way, however these rules may vary by country.

The powerboat should pass to the stern of the sailboat to avoid its wash causing a problem for the sailboat To avoid a collision, the powerboat should avoid crossing ahead of the sailboat.

Perini Navi is a shipyard, not a sailboat. The largest (LOA) sailboat currently is Eos, owned by Barry Diller.

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat, the powerboat is the stand-on vessel. (Ref: SB-29)

It's a regular sailboat with everything a regular boat would have

American Sailboat Hall of Fame was created in 1994.

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