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Sailboat is your head

Sailboat is your headSailboat is your head

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Sailboat is your

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Q: What is metaphor for sailboat?
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What kind racing might a competitor use trapeze in?


When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat which vessel is the stand-on vessel?

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat, the powerboat is the stand-on vessel. (Ref: SB-29)

Is sailboat a compound word?

Yes, sailboat is a compound word. (sail + boat = sailboat)

What is the pole on a sailboat?

a pole on a sailboat is a mast

What powers a sailboat?

Wind powers a sailboat.

Is my brother was boiling mad a simile or metaphor?

Its a metaphor

What part of speech is sailboat?

Sailboat is a compound noun.

Where was the sailboat invented?

The sailboat was invented in Ancient Mesopotamia.

What part of speech is the word sailboat?

Sailboat is a noun.

Is I felt like a cheetah when I ran the race a simile or a metaphor?

A metaphor

When was If You Were a Sailboat created?

If You Were a Sailboat was created on 2007-09-24.

Who invented the sailboat?

The first civilization that invented the sailboat was the Sumerians.

Is The teacher was a raging lion a metaphor or a simile?

A metaphor, a simile uses the words like or as.

He was a lion in the fight.what is the figure of speech?

"He was a lion in the fight" is a metaphor.

Where did the sailboat charter come from?

The sailboat charter came from the demand from the people wanting to explore the ocean. You can get more information about sailboat charters at the Wikipedia.

Who made the sailboat?

The Egyptian people were said to have made the first sailboat.

What type of sailboat is hull?

A sailboat without a sail is but a hull of itself.

How do you spell sailboat?

The correct spelling is "sailboat" (boat propelled by sails).

A sailboat and a PWC are meeting head on which one is the stand on vessel?


What is walking dictionary a simile or a metaphor?

it is neither, it is personification

Is Jeffrey was a walking dictionary metaphor or simile?


When a powerboat is about to cross paths with a sailboat under sail what should the powerboat do?

The powerboat should pass to the stern of the sailboat to avoid its wash causing a problem for the sailboat To avoid a collision, the powerboat should avoid crossing ahead of the sailboat.

What is a sailboat the stand on vessel in relations to a recreational power boat?

The question should be "When is the sailboat the stand-on vessel...? The answer is if the sailboat has an engine and if it is in operation, the sailboat is treated as a power boat in determining stand-on status. The right-of-way would then follow the rules for power boats.

What is the purpose of a keel in a sailboat?

The purpose of a keel in a sailboat are to generate lift to counteract the force of the wind. The keel converts the motion of the wind into a forward motion for the sailboat.

This type of power allows a sailboat to sail?

The wind is what causes a sailboat to sail.