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Q: What powers did Raven have in the animated show Teen Titans?
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Give me a spell to give me the powers that Raven from Teen Titans animated series has?

No spells are not real and neither are the Titans, but you all ready know that since it is animated. Think. It is impossible to gain powers from a make believe show. None of it is real.

What happens if im not the son a demon how else would you get raven from Teen Titans powers?

Its not possible to have raven powers you idiot.

Who are the main characters in the Teen Titans animated series?

The Titans consist of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast-Boy, and Starfire. The main villain was Slade.

How could you get raven from Teen Titans powers?

You can go to a site like Amazon or Ebay where they might have it. Type in ''Teen Titans Raven Costume" in the search space and it should come up. Or you can go to some special Halloween costume store like Spirit.

Is raven in Teen Titans married?

Raven is not Married.

Who is ruby x raven in Teen Titans?

she dosent exist in teen titans

Do raven and robyn kiss?

teen titans no

Who is your fav Teen Titans character?


Why do things explode when Raven experiences feelings in Teen Titans the animated series?

She finds it hard to control her powers - which are mostly connected to what she feels - and so she stifles her emotions to keep them under control, so if she has an emotional outburst of some kind, her powers go haywire.

Where can you find pictures of raven from Teen Titans? Or just go to google images and search "raven from teen titans"

Who is Ariella from Teen Titans?

Arella is Raven's mother.

Is raven a boy or a girl in Teen Titans?

is a boy