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is a boy

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She is a girl. Check out my youtube video about her.

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Q: Is raven a boy or a girl in Teen Titans?
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Who loves raven in Teen Titans?


Does raven have a boyfriend teen titans?

In the comics she was dating beast boy

Why doesn't anyone like raven from Teen Titans?

Raven in Teen Titans is different than the others; it is said that Beast Boy and perhaps Robin like her, but both are unknown.

In Teen Titans is Pantha a girl or boy?


What issue of the Teen Titans comics do raven and beast boy get together?


Teen Titans raven and beast boy?

they dont fall in love

Who are the characters in the new Teen Titans?

robin starfire cyborg beast boy raven

Does raven in Teen Titans have a boyfriend?

She only does in the "Teen Titans Go!" comics. It's a boy named Goth. He's actually the boy she talks to in the episode "Sisters".

Who likes beast boy?

In the Teen Titans anime series, Beast Boy likes Terra. In the (New) Teen Titans comic book series, he likes Raven.

What the name character in Teen Titans?

Robin, Starfire, BB (beast boy), raven, and cyborg

What kind of building do Teen Titans live at?

the current teen titans raven,robin,starfire,beast boy,and cyborg live in jump city in a a building that is shaped like a T called titans tower.

Who are the main characters in the Teen Titans animated series?

The Titans consist of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast-Boy, and Starfire. The main villain was Slade.