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Q: What president had a wife that was enamored with the color pink?
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Which first lady made pink the most popular color in the fifties?

Kennedy's wife?

Who wears the pink color suits the most?

According to my wife and elder son, pink colour is female colour and suitable for women and not for men.

Which president banned yellow from the White House because did not like the color?

William McKinley's wife, First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley, despised the color yellow. Enough so, that she had all the yellow flowers removed from the gardens and almost everything of that color from the white house itself.

Why is St Francis Hospital in Tulsa OK pink?

St Francis Hospital is pink because it was the founder of the hospital's(William K. Warren) wife's favorite color.

What was Dwight Eisenhower's favorite color and why?

Eisenhower did not have a favorite color. However, his wife Mamie's favorite colors were green, pink, and yellow ( for both decorating and attire).

What was the color of president Washington's wife's inaugural dress?

The dress displayed as her inaugural gown in the Smithsonian is salmon-pink with a large white collar and cuffs . It think it is from the first inauguration in New York City. I do not knot what what she wore at his second inaugural in Philadelphia

What color gown did President Obama wife wear to the inaugural balls?

She wore a white dress by designer Jason Wu.

Who was the wife of the president in the S's?

President: George Bush Wife: Barbra Bill Clintin Wife: Hillary

Who is the second wife of president?

John Adams wife was named Abigail Adams.

What president's wife was an epileptic?

Ida McKinley , the wife of President William McKinley .

What is a hink pink for a 'husband' or 'wife'?

wife - "main chain" husband - "big pig"

Who is the president of the United States wife?

Michelle Obama is the wife of the current President Obama.