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What president had to borrow money to go to his inauguration?

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The president must take the oath before he can be president. The rest of the inauguration ceremonies are not legally required but they are expected and demanded by custom and for political reasons.

He will move into the White House and then have his ball. Then he will begin his duty as president of the United States.

To walk with the president and go to all the Balls with him.

go to the bank and ask for an auto loan.

all of the people from the legislative branch go such as the vice president

i think you should not borrow the money because how are you going to pay back but if you have a plan to pay back go ahead and borrow

The government borrows money just like any other person would borrow money, they might need it for projects, maybe for bail outs or anything they are doing , go to

The president does not borrow money from the SS fund. The entire SS fund is "invested" in special government bonds. The government spends it all and adds interest to the fund. Right now, the fund takes in more than it pays out, but when the baby-boomers retire, this will not be true and generally tax money will have to go to SS.

Banks usually borrow money from one another when they are running short of cash. They charge a smaller interest (when compared to what interest gets charged to a normal loan customer) when they lend money to other banks. This lending interest rate is called Inter-Bank Lending Rate. Banks even go to the central bank of their country to borrow money if they need it.

The Republicans spend now and pay later. They borrow money to spend now. Democrats tax for money to spend now. It is called "pay as you go" by Democrats and "Tax and Spend" by Republicans who are "Borrow and Spend" players.

There could be thousands of reasons people borrow money. To buy a home, to take a vacation, there are too many reasons why people would borrow money to list here. Hopefully you got the jest of this answer. There are numerous reasons for the borrowing of money but common ones are; home loans, purchasing of insurance, purchasing of business companies, etc. People borrow money in general because they either can't afford something or they have no money in cash, so they borrow from the bank, the disadvantage however is that you have to pay it back, and what people don't realize is that the bank adds interest to the overall payment if you pay it over a period of time which is not in the month requested by the bank

The inauguration takes place in front of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. That's where the swearing in and the former presidents come in to support the president that's getting sworn in the people there with the President Elect that are relatives of the former presidents and also they have famous people there. Then after that the people that are invited go into the Capitol Building go to the Statuary room and eat. Then after that they go to the parade and review the military that are in the parade. Then before that the new president goes into the Presidents Room in the Capitol Building to sign to be added onto the government official pay role. The after they do all that they go to the White House to watch the inauguration parade.

no you go into a deeper debt with credit cards. creadit cards are not money. you BORROW the money and they want it back really quick.

yes Yes. And the longer you go without paying, the more money they charge you. So you'll be stuck in debt.

The maximum amount you can normally borrow in the UK is going to depend upon what your current credit rating is, how long you need to borrow for and what the money will go towards, the normal max is 2500.

That is probably the most common way to borrow money and the main reason banks were created.

A livery horse were horses that you would pay money to ride to wherever you needed to go. Its kinda like how you pay money to Enterprise and borrow one of their cars.

Can i borrow some money? No Why? arent you super rich? Yeah, im rich because i Don't give out money! (i think its from the movie just go with it)

Yes. A bank can legally ask you why you need an auto loan. You want to borrow money from them. They want to get it back. They want to make sure you are a good upstanding citizen and a good credit risk. They can ask you almost any question they please. They do not have to lend you money. You do not have to borrow money from them. You can go down the street and borrow from someone else. That is the way private enterprise and life works.

All member banks of the Federal Reserve in USA can and do borrow money from the federal reserve. The Federal Reserve is the banker of banks to whom the banks go when they need money.

When he gives the money to Armand to go to the dance

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