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What president made the Gadsden Purchase?

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Franklin Pierce was the US President when the Gadsden Purchase was made in 1853.

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When was the Gadsden purchase?

The Gadsden purchase was made in 1853. The Gadsden Territory was the southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona.

What land was acquired in President Franklin Pierce's term?

The Gadsden Purchase from Mexico was made while Pierce was president.

What did Franklin Pierce purchase as president?

The Gadsden Purchase from Mexico was made while Pierce was President. The land purchased is now part of southern Arizona and southern New Mexicon

Which man was president when the gadsden purchase was completed in 1953?

Franklin Pierce

Who sold the lands of Mexico to the US?

Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, the Mexican president, agreed to the deal for the Gadsden Purchase made under President Pierce.

The gadsden purchase resulted from what war?

This is a trick question. The Gadsden purchase was a peaceful purchase made from Mexico, including southern Arizona and New Mexico. See related questions.

Who was Gadsden of the Gadsden Purchase?

He was James Gadsden, the American Ambassador to Mexico.

Who started the Gadsden purchase?

James Gadsden

How did the US acquire the Gadsden Purchase?

The Gadsden Purchase was when we bought the rest of Arizona.

Who did the us get the gadsden purchase from?

The United States bought the Gadsden Purchase from Mexico

Who is James Gadsden?

He was the US Minister to Mexico who made the Gadsden purchase. He was also a Southern railroad man with dreams of empire.

How did the US obtain the Gadsden Purchase?

The Gadsden Purchase was obtained by negotiating with Mexican ruler President Santa Anna. For a price of $10 million, James Gadsden, headed the negotiations. After the US Senate gave its approval, US President Franklin Pierce signed the purchase agreement on June 24, 1853. The purchase was intended to be necessary for the construction of a transcontinental railway from New Orleans to the West coast.

How the territory was acquired the gadsden purchase?

The Gadsden Purchase was acquired on December 30, 1853 after a treaty was signed by James Gadsden and the current Mexican President at that time ,purchased by the U.S. for $10 million, to end controversial conflict as of where the boarder line was really meant to be.

What made the US mainland reach it's present size?

Gadsden purchase

What was the gadsden purchase and why was it important?

The Gadsden Purchase was the United States' land acquisition from Mexico in 1853. The U.S. paid $15,000,000 (including $3,000,000 in claims of American citizens) for the 45,535 square miles of land that became the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico. The purchase was made by James Gadsden, for who the purchase was named after.

Did Pierce make the us grow?

Yes, in a way. The Gadsden Purchase which added a strip of Mexico to the US was made while Pierce was President. The main reason for the purchase to build a railroad to California across it.

Was the Gadsden Purchase made to ensure a direct line for the building of a southern railroad?


When did you get the gadsden purchase?


Who did we get the Gadsden Purchase from?


What is the reason for Gadsden purchase?

The purpose of the Gadsden Purchase was to buy from Mexico enough territory for a railroad to the Gulf of California

Why was the Gadsden Purchase made?

This purchase was made to obtain a strip on land over which to build a trans-continental railroad to connect the rest of the US with California.

What purchase added territory into Arizona?

The Gadsden Purchase.

How many square miles was the Gadsden Purchase?

The Gadsden Purchase was 29,670 square miles that was added to the US in 1853/1854.

Who did you buy the gadsden purchase from?


What was the gadson purchase?

The Gadsden Purchase is a region of Arizona and New Mexico. It was bought by the United States in a treaty signed by James Gadsden.

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