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Was Abraham Linking the president during 1800s?

Abraham Lincoln served from 1861 to 1865.

Who served as an advocate of women's rights during the 1800s?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

First president during 1800s?

three hoosier become president in 1800

Who was president during the late 1800s?

Abe Lincoln maybe

During the early 1800s candidates for the positions of president and vice president were chosen by?

electoral college

Who was last president during the 1800s?

the last president during the 1800s was not Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson had his own age but wasn't the last president of the 1800s he was president in 1829 to 1837, Richard Nixon was in the 1900's. the last president in office was William Mickinley (1897-1901) the last person to be elected and serve a whole term in office in the last year of the 1800s was grover Cleveland when he was elected a second time.

Who was the first president during the 1800s in America?

John Adams, Federalist. 1797 - 1801

What are James Madison's most defining moments while he was president?

he was the president during the battle of new Orleans in the mid 1800s'

Who was Jonh C Calhoun?

John C Calhoun was a politician from South Carolina during the 1800s. He believed that slavery was a good thing and pushed the south to secede from the Union. He served as Vice President of the United States from 1825 to 1832.

Number of US Presidents in history?

Under the US Constitution, 42. [Grover Cleveland had nonconsecutive terms in the late 1800s. So 42 men comprised 43 administrations.]

At what age could a person become US President during the time of 1800s?

The same as today, age 35.

What kind of food was served in the transcontinental railroad in the 1800s?

what kind of food was served on transcontintal train in 1800's

What president supported anti immigration in the 1800s?

President Millard Filmore supported anti-immigration during the 1800's. President Millard Filmore became one of the leaders of the Know Nothing party.

Who was the president in the 1800s?

Thomas Jefferson was the president in the 1800s. He defeated John Adams in the presidential election held in 1800 which was described as the revolution of 1800.

Who was the King in Russia during the late 1800s?

Michael the 2nd was the King of Russia during the late 1800s

Who was president of Germany in early 1800s?

Francis I was the first president in 1815.

How many years of medical school during the 1700s-1800s?


What is a president in the 1800s?

George Washington = 1789 - 97

What were some major events happening in the World during the 1800s?

-Abraham Lincoln was named president-the war of 1812-Napoleonic wars.the industrial revolution

Could immigrants in the 1800s run for president?

No. The Constitution permits only natural born citizens to be elected President. The Constitution was adopted in 1789, therefore it was in force in the 1800s.

President that fought against the gag rule in 1800s?

President John Quincy Adams

In which direction did industries steadily move during the 1800s?

Industries moved west in the 1800s.

Temporary governor of Texas back in the 1800s?

James W. Henderson served from November 23, 1853, and served until December 21, 1853.

What groups worked as cowhands during the mid-1800s?

former confederate and union soldiers

What was the temperance movement of the 1800s?

The temperance movement was a widespread effort by many american during the 1800s