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What president was killed during his secound term?


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Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley. Kennedy and Garfield were killed during their first terms.

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Yes- he had served about 1000 days of his first term when he was killed.

He was killed by John Wilkes Booth during his 2nd term as president.

He would not become president if either the president who he was vice president to served up his term(s) or if the president was not killed during the presidents term(s).

He was elected president twice, but he was killed during the second month of his second term.

Hannibal Hamlin was President Lincoln's Vice President during his first term, and Andrew Johnson was Vice President during his second term, which lasted 6 weeks. President Lincoln was killed about 6 weeks into his second term, and Vice President Johnson became President.

President Lincoln was elected US President for two terms. During his first term as President, Hannibal Hamlin was the Vice President. During his second term as President, Andrew Johnson was Vice President. President Lincoln was killed about six weeks into his second term as President, and Vice President Andrew Johnson became President. Thus, President Lincoln did not have a 3rd Vice President, or a Vice President in a third term, as he did not live long enough to run for a third term.

killed during the first term

Kennedy was shot and killed in 1963, during his term as president.

Thomas Jefferson was the president during Thomas Jefferson's second term as president.

Hannibal Hamlin was vice-president during Lincoln's first term of being president.

Andrew Johnson was President Lincoln's Vice President during the second term. Hannibal Hamlin was the VP during the first term. Johnson became President following the assassination.

No, he was killed during his first term.

Political corruption during Grant's term as President >>>>>>APex)<<<<<<

The Vice-President becomes President and serves out the rest of the original President's term.

During President McKinley's first term, his Vice President was Garret A. Hobart. The Vice President during his second term was Theodore Roosevelt.

During Abraham Lincoln's first term as President his Vice-President was Hannibal Hamlin and during his second term his Vice-President was Andrew Johnson.

Abraham Lincoln was the president during Abraham Lincoln's first term as president. He took over from James Buchanan, the 15th US President.

No, he was killed during the third year of his first term.

No, when the President is finished serving his term, a new President is elected. The Vice President becomes President if, for some reason, the President cannot continue being President during his term.

Frankin Delano Roosevelt during his first term as president

If the president resigns or is killed while in term, the vice president takes over his job.

Thomas Jefferson. He was Vice President during John Adams term.

The salary of the president can not be changed during his term. If he gets a raise, it would have to been when he starts a new term.

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