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What president was tied to the strategic defense initiative called Star Wars?


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Ronald Reagan

AnswerRonald regan

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan


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Star Wars.The official name was the Strategic Defense Initiative(SDI).

One of his pet ideas was the Strategic Defense Initiative , called Star Wars by newspapers, which was a yet to be developed satellite missile defense system.

During his terms of office as President of the United States in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan's support of the Strategic Defense Initiative (or, "Star Wars") was designed to provide a radically new, and perhaps radically efficient, defense system against any missile attacks upon the United States. Strong positions were taken on various sides of the issue, with Reagan himself trumpeting the importance of utilizing American technological superiority to gain an edge in the ongoing Cold War.

It was called Missile Defense or "Star Wars"star wars

True. Roosevelt's first legislative initiative was called the New Deal.

Star wars in the cold war was a satellite Ronald Reagan had set up in space to find missiles before they got to America and shoot them down over the ocean. Reagan called his program the Strategic Defense Initiative. Critics who didn't like the idea or Ronald Reagan mockingly called it "Star wars."

it was a plan to build a space laser system to intercept and destroy incoming nuclear missiles and to build a force field dome around the United States. many scientists were against this plan because it was scientifically impossible. It's official name at the time was the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). However, it was called, often derogatory towards the policy, as "Star Wars".

It's called Strategic Metal by the US and European Govt. Once only could be found in China but a small Canadian mining company has found a large quantity in the Arctic. Need the name of the Mining Company and the mineral. Goes for $6,000 per tonne. Used in the electronics and National Defense Industries.

- Explain why the strategic management class is often called a " capstone course "

In the popular mind, and to battle-minded historians, it is. To strategic-minded historians, it is not. Grant's seizure of Vicksburg at the same time is the strategic turning point, closing the Mississippi to southern traffic, preventing reinforcements and supplies from getting to the armies further east. Gettysburg did shift the initiative from the South to the North in the East.

If your question is related to the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) that was created by U.S. President Ronald Regan on March 23, 1983 (also called Star Wars) then search that.If your question is how Star Wars is related to WWII and the inspirations that WWII gave to the movie....1. Darth Vader's helmet is shaped like a German Sturmtruppen's helmet2. Sturmtruppen translated is Stormtrooper (the infantry under the Empire)3. TIE fighters resemble the Japanese Zeros (small, quick, but fragile)There are some others....

You've probably heard about fuel cells. In 2003, President Bush announced a program called the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative (HFI) during his State of the Union Address.

There are several ways to describe such a person. Titles like "volunteer" or "leader" could work depending on the circumstance. Also, if a person does something without being asked, they are usually described as initiative (as in "taking initiative," "being initiative," or "having initiative").

Ultimately the US president is responsible for the defense of the US. With that said, the US presidents has many affairs to tend to. Thus the department of Defense was established with a leader called the Secretary of Defense to ensure the nation is safe from foreign powers. The name of this department in the past was the department of war.

Yes. But, the defense attorney would have to remove him/her self as the defense attorney

Yes, this was often called McNamara's War, with the Secretary of the Defense and the President making calls on the tactical level.

The US Department of Defense was originally called the US War Department.

President Bush didn't sign any such bill into law. President Bill Clinton did on September 21, 1996 and it was called the "Defense of Marriage Act" or "DOMA" for short.

Wilson called it "The War to End All War," and he presented his Fourteen Points peace initiative.

Strategic metals are those metals which are required for the economic development and national defense of a country. They are used as jet fuels, space research,atomic plants. Examples are manganese, titanium, zirconium. Zirconium is a metal that have properties resemblance to Titanium. As like titanium it has high resistance to corrosion and used in making of aircrafts.

He called it SDI or the Strategic Defense Initiative; the press renamed it Starwars (for the recently released movie). What it actually was was another idea of Edward Teller's to get more weapon development funding for his lab (then sagging because of reduced demand for new offensive nuclear weapons). Testing some of the proposed defense weapons (e.g. the x-ray laser) would have eventually required breaking the 1963 Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty, as it would have required nuclear explosions in space to "pump" the lasers, etc.

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