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Before he became the first U.S. president, George Washington distinguished himself as a general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. But it would have been difficult for him to be in politics while the country was still a British colony, since anyone who was seen as anti-British would have been prosecuted. By most accounts, prior to joining the military and engaging in the fight for independence, George Washington was the son of a wealthy plantation owner and worked as a surveyor.

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Washington had a strong sense of honor and duty. I am sure he got great satisfaction over a job well-done . However, it is difficult to imagine that he actually enjoyed the hardships of the long Revolutionary War, the difficulties of obtaining supplies and man power to fight with and the uncertainties and risk of battle, not to mention having to stay away from home. If there had been some way to avoid trouble with Britain , I am sure he would have preferred the comfortable life of a wealthy Virginia planter to what he ended up doing.

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He was the general in a war.

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Q: What previous political experience did George Washington have before becoming president?
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