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You use red.

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What other colors can you make the color red with out using the color dark pink?

What? Red is a primary color, you can not mix colors to make red. You can use red to make other colors.

What color does yellow and pink?

yellow and pink makes brown if you use markers mix yellow and pink you'll get the color brown. Yellow a primary colour and pink a pastel of red, also a primary colour will result in a peachy orange.

What to coulers make pink?

Red and white make the color pink. If you use mostly red it will be a dark pink, almost red color. If you use mostly white it will be a very light, baby pink.

What colors are use to make the color magenta?

You can use pink and purple to make the colour magenta.

How do you make pink?

To make the color pink use a red and white. If you would like the color to be lighter use lighter red and more white than red. To make darker, use a darker red and less white.

What are the main characteristics of the Pink Coach purses?

The main characteristics of the Pink Coach purses, is that there is the "C" logo across the bag as a pattern. They most often use pink as the primary color, and white as the secondary.

In order to make a color do you have to use black?

no to make a colour u can only use the three primary colours

What colors do you mix to make the color red?

Yellow and Dark Pink can make the Primary Red on pens. I think the same on Paint.Ok, to start off, it is unable to make a primary colour with other colours. If you are 100% determined to make red, then I would just experiment and use the closest colour to red if that's the colour you want. :DYou cannot mix any two colors to get red because red is a primary color. You can mix primary colors to get other colors

What colors make a new color when you make a new color?

You can useNeon - Blue ( bff ) Pink (ff0066) Purple (6600ff) Green (ff00)

What color plus what color makes red?

pink and black The above answer is silly. Use magenta and yellow. Magenta, yellow, and cyan are the true primary colors. Red and blue are NOT primary colors of pigment, though they were once thought to be.

Is pink a popular girl color?

Pink is THE girl color. If you want to use it, but change it up a bit, I like pink and brown. Notpastel pink, but a warm pink.

What colors with violet make dark blue?

you cant make dark blue enless you have blue because it is a primary color you can not mix any color to get a primary color to get dark blu use blue and a little bit of black

How could you use primary colors to produce secondary color?

you use two primary colours to make a secondary colour. Example mixing blue and red make the secondary colour purple. The primary colours blue and yellow make green

Which colors do you use to make the color red?

you cant because red is a primary color and primary colors can not be made you can Mae other colors out of them. The above answer is based on obsolete color theory. It is wrong. Your color printer makes red from magenta and yellow. Red is no longer a primary color of pigments.

Which color is formed by mixing red and white color?

Red and white together will make pink. If you use more white it will be lighter. If you use more red it will be darker.

How do you make pink to darker shade?

You can make pink a darker shade if you add these following colors: red a teeny weeny tad of black or you can use a small amount dark blue.

What color do you use with red to make green?

You cant. Red, Blue, and Green are primary colors

What is the primary colors to make red?

Red is a primary color. You cannot make red by mixing any other colors. You can use red to make orange (with yellow) or purple (with blue).

What three colors make blue?

Blue is a primary color. Unless you use to blues you can't make another blue.

What color makes black if you use pink?

Pink does not lead to black. Gray is possible.

Who discovered that you can use the primary colors to make any other color?

cave dwelling early man

What color was the White House when built?

It use to be pink

What color to use to change purple to red?


How do we use it's in a sentence?

I Have A Hat.It's Color Is Pink

What color do you get when you mix gray and pink?

You get a reddish pink, or a lighter shade of Grey. I guess it really depends on how much of each color you use.