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his father was upset with his dream of wanting to go to sea, and his father josiah Franklin, told him that writing poetry was for poor people and he should stick to writing good prose. his half brother, James Franklin, a printer, constantly argued with him, he was very jealous of him and sometimes beat him. Ben had to work as an apprentice to him from 13 yrs. old to 21, but he ran away from massachusets to philadelphia when he was17. he struggled with finding jobs over there. this is just the beginning of ben's life...his story gets more interesting. read Ben Franklin: Inventing America for more details. its not that long, only 164 pgs.

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What were some problems that Benjamin Franklin had to face that led to his success?

he was fat so he need to exercise

Is Benjamin Franklin face on US currency?

Benjamin Franklin's face is on the $100 bill

What face is on a 100 dollar bill?

Benjamin Franklin

What challenges did Benjamin Franklin face in his life?


Who is face is on the tell dollars bill?

Benjamin franklin

Did Benjamin Franklin face any hardship?

yes he did

What challenges did Benjamin franklin face?

public speaking

Face on the 100 dollar bill?

A US $100 features Benjamin Franklin.

Whose face is on 100 dollar bills?

Benjamin Franklin

Whose face is in the 100 dollar bill?

Benjamin Franklin

Face on the 100 dollar US note?

Benjamin Franklin.

Did Benjamin Franklin had any problems?

His father not believing in his dream.

How can Benjamin Franklin solve his problems?

it worked lol :) <3

What where the problems that Benjamin Franklin faced?

He invented the human being

What face on the paper bills of the US are not president?

Alexander Hamilton on the $10 and Benjamin Franklin on the $100.

How did Benjamin Franklin suggest that these problems could be solved?

first tell us which problems we are talking about.

What problems did Benjamin Franklin over come?

that he could not go to colledge

What was the name of Benjamin Franklin?

The name of Benjamin Franklin was, strangely enough, Benjamin Franklin.

Who wrote the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin wrote The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

What problems did ben Franklin face?

he was very overweight

Who is Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was a noble man. He invented a lot of things and he was very smart. Benjamin Franklin also signed the declaration of independence. He was one of the founding fathers of america.Benjamin Franklin was a founding father. He was a writter, inventor, and political activist. He was also the only man to have his face on U.S. currency that was not a president.

Whose face was on the US currency and was not a president?

Benjamin Franklin on the 100 dollar bill.

Benjamin Franklin real name?

Benjamin Franklin

What is the scientific name of Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin

Who wrote an autobiography of Benjamin Franklin?

benjamin franklin