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What problems did the homesteaders face in the American West?

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Homesteaders Problems

  • Life could get boring or lonely very easily, especially for the

    women homesteaders. Also, if you needed a specific special item not

    possessed on ordinary homesteads, like medicine perhaps, stores

    were quite rare, far away from your homestead, and often expensive

    to buy from.

  • When it rained the sod houses roof leaked and sod went every

    where, like on beds and furniture, and snakes sometimes fell into

    their houses through the roof. Grasshoppers were a huge problem,

    eating anything they could find that was green. This happened a few

    times, when huge plagues of them swarmed over the plains.

  • Conflict with cowboys for fencing off the land which they

    claimed to be their own.

  • Indians could be a problem. Usually Indians were very peaceful

    until the white man got greedy over land, also gold mining and the

    Indians decided the best way to prevent more white men from coming

    onto their land was also raiding wagon trains or homesteads.

Drought was always a threat for their crops and could make or

break a winter. A spouse becoming ill. If the husband was ill then

there may not be any meat on the table for the winter months. If

the wife was ill there was no one to look after the children while

the husband went hunting (which could take days) unless there were

older children. Doctors were miles away as were neighbors.

It was a tough life and people aged very quickly. The life

expectancy was approx. 35 - 45 years old.

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