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Q: What problems did the nation face after the revolutionary war ended?
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What problems did Rhode Island face?

The problems it faced was going through the revolutionary war and the french and indian war.

What problems did the nation face after the war?

Became a united states

What problems did George Washington face in organizing an army in Revolutionary War?

Tanks were hard to build out of wood.

What problems does the nation face today in mali?

Mali's problems is the increaseng desertifacation of the country and the lack of water and also the nations wildlife is threatened by drought

What did most of the revolutionary wars have in common?

Yes, the only thing common that they have is a dream to from a new nation which in their mind would solution to the oppresion that the face now. Lotus

What problems did the British face when France openly recognized the new American nation?

When Benjamin Franklin succeeded in having France recognize the new American "nation", France could now formalize the secret aid it had been giving the American revolutionaries. France agreed to take "America's" side in the revolutionary war. Additionally, The Dutch and Spaniards also began to help.

What is the duration of Face the Nation?

The duration of Face the Nation is 3600.0 seconds.

What problems did the siksika nation face?

The Siksika, also known as the North Blackfoot, faced many health problems such as diphtheria and smallpox epidemics. They also suffered from increasing warfare.

When was Face the Nation created?

Face the Nation was created on 1954-11-07.

What problems do the Amish face?

what problems to the amish population face

What challenges did President Washington face?

the Revolutionary War

What economic problem did new nation face?

They faced multiple problems...though the main ones were national debt,and the arguments over Government power balance.