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Q: What problems emerge when an organization gets larger?
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What happens to the force as the mechanical advantages gets larger?

The force gets larger.

What happens to the volume as an object gets larger?

really.. the answer is that the volume also gets larger

IN a hyberbola what happens to x as y get larger?

As y gets, smaller, x gets larger.

What is which when it gets larger it also gets smaller?


What happens to the quotient as the divisor gets larger?

It gets smaller.

Pupil gets larger it dilates pupil gets smaller it?


Which thing after cutting gets larger?


What is result of differentiation?

The organism gets larger

Why do cracks in a rock get larger water has frozen in them?

it gets larger because it absorves water

What happens to the slope when a line with positive slope gets close to vertical?

it gets larger

Do parabola have asymptodes?

No, as the f(x) values keep getting larger as x gets larger.

What gets larger when one thinks harder?

Your Pupils