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this process is called fusion

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What process is when two atoms combine to form a larger atom releasing energy?

The process in which two atoms combine to form a larger atom and release energy is called nuclear fusion.

In the sun nuclei of hydrogen combine to form a larger nucleus and the release of energy what is this process called?

Nuclear fusion

What happens when the same kind of atoms combine?

That is the process know as fusion. When the two atoms combine, a very small amount of matter is destroyed in the process. This results in a huge amount of energy release. Fusion is the thermonuclear reaction that powers the stars.

What is the process in which a new lighter element is created by the release of an alpha ray particle from an atomic nucleus?

The process in which a new lighter element is created by the release of an alpha ray particle from an atomic nucleus is called alpha decay of the original nucleus.

Substances that release ions that combine with hydrogen ions?

A base.

What gas do you combine with food to release its stored energy?


What is a fusion reaction?

Fusion is a reaction where 2 elements combine to make a heavier element, and release a lot of energy at the same time. It is the opposite of fission. As of yet, we can only fuse elements at a very high temperature.

What are the four elements of gymnastics?

the four elements of gymnastics are: hanging element, support element, release element and swinging element

Is the sun a chemical change?

Simply, no. The sun's energy is driven by nuclear means. Specifically, "Fusion" or the combining of elements. In this process, atoms change. Hydrogen becomes helium, and other elements combine to to make heavier elements and release copious amounts of energy in the process.

Power plants release sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere where they combine with vapor to form?

They combine in the air to form acid precipitation

What type of radioactive decay releases energy from the nucleus without changing the element?

There is no normal process by which a nucleus can release energy without changing the element. Even gamma radiation, which is photon emission from the nucleus during a restabilization sequence, has a predecessor, i.e. usually beta or alpha, which does change the element.

What did radioactivity reveal about the atom?

That some atoms are not stable, and that they release mass from their nuclei to become other isotopes or elements. Until the process of fusion was understood, nuclear decay was the only known way for one element to become another element.

In a nuclear reaction energy is release by the combination of two elements into a new element is the process of what?

If two nuclei are combined to form a third one, this is called nuclear fusion

What is the formula for photosynthesis for kids?

carbon dioxide + water + light energy = glucose + oxygen. Photosynthesis is the process that plants use to combine light, water, and carbon dioxide to make glucose for energy and release oxygen.

Process of burning of food by the body to release energy?

Metabolism is the process of burning food by the body to release energy. Metabolism is the process of burning food by the body to release energy.

Plants release water vapor into the air by the process of .?

Plants release water vapor into the air by the process of _____.

What process can release oxygen from the biosphere?

This process is called photosynthesis.

What is the process by which cells combine with oxygen and food molecules to produce energy and release carbon dioxide is called?

Cellular respiration is the process of breaking down glucose (from food) to produce ATP (a form of energy the cell can use). The type of respiration that occurs in the presence of oxygen is known as aerobic respiration.

What process does the atmosphere release heat?

What process does the atmosphere release heat? A.precipitation B.evaporation C.condensation D.exploration The answer is C

The process of splitting water to release hydrogen and electrons occurs in what process?

light dependent process

What is the process of hormone release?

Hormone release can be graded or pulsatile

Which process release energy?

Exothermic processes release energy.

What process by which cells release energy in the absence of oxygen?

by the process of respiration

Can an element be broken down if so how?

Nuclear fission, the splitting of an atom's nucleus, will break an atom down into two or more different atoms and various forms of radiation.Fission usually occurs when an element is bombarded by neutrons. These particles smash into the nucleus and break it apart.For example, fission of uranium-235 in nuclear reactors is used to release energy:235U + n0 --> 236U -->144Ba + 89Kr + 3n0 + 177MeVThe additional neutrons released result in a chain reaction with 3 more uranium atoms reacting.An opposite process is fusion, where two or more elements combine and release energy. This is what happens in the sun.

What process do pants release energy from stored food?

Respiration is the process of oxidation of glucose to release the energy in the form of heat.

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