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Electrolysis... Some people say electro refining

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What is the deffination of metalllurgy?

The art and science of extracting the metal from their ore making their alloys for the benefit human being.

Are alloys ore of metals?

Alloys are several metals, and possibly some other substances, mixed together.

Why are alloys sometimes instead of pure substances?

Alloys are metal mixtures. For example, Sterling silver is a mixture of silver and copper.

Substances made up of elements combined physically?

Alloys and mixtures.

Into what two broad classes can all matter be divided?

Pure substances (elements and compunds) and mixed substances (mixtures, solutions, alloys).

Compare and contrast the general properties of alloys and pure metals?

alloys are a mixture of two or more properties. pure metals are made of pure substances of earth.

What is a similarity between a solution and a suspension?

a solution is when all the substances are evenly distributed and also involves two metals called alloys; results when the solute dissolves in a solvent. suspension is a uniform mixture that contains particles large enough to see.

Are organic an inorganic substances present in coins such dimes an nickels?

coins are generally made of metals and alloys and are inorganic

What are 2 different alloys and explain what they are made out of?

1 Alloys of magnesium2 Alloys of aluminum3 Alloys of potassium4 Alloys of iron5 Alloys of cobalt6 Alloys of nickel7 Alloys of copper8 Alloys of gallium9 Alloys of silver10 Alloys of tin11 Rare earth alloys12 Alloys of gold13 Alloys of mercury14 Alloys of lead15 Alloys of bismuth16 Alloys of zirconiumBUT I AM SURE WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF I HOPE THIS HELPS :)

What is a solid solution of a metal or non metal dissolved in a metal?

these are called alloys steel is an alloy of iron, carbon, and other substances to give it specific properties. bronze and brass are alloys of copper and tin or copper and zinc.

Name 10 alloy metals?

The below is according to Wikipedia.1 Alloys of aluminium2 Alloys of bismuth3 Alloys of cobalt4 Alloys of copper5 Alloys of gallium6 Alloys of gold7 Alloys of indium8 Alloys of iron9 Alloys of lead10 Alloys of magnesium11 Alloys of mercury12 Alloys of nickel13 Alloys of potassium14 Alloys of plutonium15 Rare earth alloys16 Alloys of silver17 Alloys of titanium18 Alloys of tin19 Alloys of uranium20 Alloys of zinc21 Alloys of zirconiumFor the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated directly below this answer section.

What does galvanise mean?

Galvanization is the process of deposition of zinc (as a protective layer) on iron or iron alloys.

Types of alloys?

Alloys are a combination of two or more materials that can be metallic and non-metallic. Different types of alloys are stainless steel alloys, aluminum alloys, and brass alloys. Other types of alloys are copper, cobalt, zinc, gold, and lead alloys.

What is cast alloys?

Cast alloys are alloys that are cast in a cast.

Which property does iron nickel and cobalt have which is the same?

Ferromagnetism only occurs in a few substances; the common ones are iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys.

What are the uses of alloys?

The main benefit of alloys is that they have different properties to the substances that they are made of. For example, steel is much stronger than iron, and can resist rusting for much longer, making it a much more useful material than iron for most purposes.

What are the two broadest classes of matter?

- One basic division is into pure substances (elements and compounds) and mixed substances (mixtures, solutions, alloys). Mixed substances do not contain molecules that are all the same.- Another way to classify matter is:organic (from living things) and inorganic(natural elements and compounds).

What is the property of metals and alloys that allows them to have their shape altered by hammering rolling or similar process into thin sheets?


Difference between ferrous alloys and non-ferrous alloys?

compositionally a ferrous alloy contains Fe in some form - so steels, stainless steels are Ferrous alloys Non Ferrous alloys include copper alloys such as brass and bronze; aluminum alloys and titanium alloys for aerospace applications and many others. These alloys DO NOT contain iron

What is feromagnetism?

It is a characteristic of substances such as iron, nickel, or cobalt and various alloys that exhibit extremely high magnetic permeability, a characteristic saturation point, and magnetic hysteresis.

What do you all the different substanes that an be seen in a heterogeneous ixture?

All of the different substances that can be seen in a heterogeneous mixture include alloys, solutions, suspensions, and colloids. In chemistry, a mixture is a material system that is made up of two or more different substances.

Where are alloys found?

alloys are found in Iraq

How would changing the proportions of substances in an alloy change its properties?

Changing the proportions of substances in an alloy will change the physical properties of that alloy. The differing substances will change the metallic structure of the crystals of the metal alloy, and this alters the ductility, durability, hardness, tensile strength, toughness and other characteristics we assess are regards alloys.

Is metal made of one element?

No. There are many different elements that are metals. Additionally, some common metals such as steel and brass are alloys or mixtures of two or more substances.

HOW uranium react with other substances?

Uranium is a reactive metal and can react with all nonmetals and metalloids (excepting noble gases); also many alloys of uranium are known.