What process releases energy for cellular use?


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the electron transport chain is the main source of energy for eukaryotic cells

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Photosynthesis is the process plants use to storeenergy from sunlight in glucose. Cellular Respiration is the process (both plant and animal) cells use to release the energy in glucose.So, only Cellular Respiration releases energy. Photosynthesis DOES NOT.

Photosynthesis is a process in which cells use sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to make food for energy. Cellular Respiration is the process in which the cell uses the food and releases that stored energy.

The process that cells use to release energy is referred to cellular respiration. The process which cells store energy is ATP

Cellular respiration breaks down glucose to produce ATP. This is a form of energy the cell can use. Processes which break something down can be called catabolic.

Cellular respiration is the process most cells use to get energy. It is a chemical reaction where energy is released from glucose.

Yes, plants do use energy to carry out cellular respiration, but this is only during investment stages. There is a net increase of energy through the process of cellular respiration, as it is the same process that occurs in all other eukaryotic life.

The mitochondria is where cellular respiration takes place. The result is ATP or energy.Organelles to be simple

The plant used cellular respiration to release energy for use by the cell. Defined as "Cellular Respiration," inside the cells; glucose, with the help of enzymes and oxygen, is broken apart and therefore releases/produces energy such as CO2 and H2O.

Our metabolism is based on a process from cellular respiration. Oxygen from the air reacts with sugar that we get from food to produce water and carbon dioxide. This reaction releases energy that our bodies can use.

Mitochondria use oxygen or O2 and glucose or C6H1206 for energy in a process called cellular respiration.

Animal cells do not have chlorophyll to perform photosynthesis. They use a process called cellular respiration. Cellular respiration uses glucose and is broken up by oxygen to gain energy.

Respiration is the answer. Respiration is the process which releases chemical bond energy from organic nutrients(food).

they use oxygen i dont now the name

Cellular respiration is the process the animals in the food web use to convert energy from food into ATP.

yes they do but they also use oxygen the whole process is caller cellular respiraton

The process in which cells use oxygen to release energy stored in glucose is cellular respiration. ------------------------------------------------- Metabolism, specifically catabolism.

Cells use oxygen to get energy from food. The process is called cellular respiration.

Energy is transferred to a molecule through a process known as cellular respiration, and the cell can you use the energy as fuel for its various activities.

No, because... * cellular respiration is the aerobic harvesting/ energy releasing chemical breakdown of food molecules, such as sugar and the storage of potential energy in a form that cells can use to perform work. this process involves glycolysis, citric acid cycle , the eletron transport chain and chemiosmosis. * cellular energy is the process in which cells convert stored nutrients in the cell into energy

Cellular respiration occurs when cells oxidize food molecules into carbon dioxide and water. Cellular respiration is the process that cells use to get their energy.

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