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Q: What produces a persons voice?
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The loudness of a persons voice depends on what?


Why is a bigger person's voice bigger than a smaller person's voice?

A bigger persons voice is bigger than a smaller persons voice because a bigger person chest is bigger while the smallers person chest is smaller.

What produces the sound of your voice?

your larynx or (voicebox)

What genotype produces a baritone voice?


Why would a persons voice sound funny?


Who plays the voice of Clawdeen your Monster High?

Maybe it is just a regular persons voice then edit it

When you shout how do you feel the sound through a balloon?

the vibrations throughout the voice of the waves will reach through your hands and you will be able to feel the vibrations of the persons and you will feel the vibrations of the persons voice

What does the Sonorus spell do in Harry Potter?

It amplifies a persons voice.

What does it called when you make a persons voice sound different?


How is the sound of your voice produced?

The vocal cords vibrate when air passes over them. This produces the sound of your voice.

Why do you convert voice signals to electrical?

becoz persons voice s very different from other animal . so voice is converted to electrial signal

What are the main functions of the larynx?

it is the voice box. it produces sounds.

Name a reason why a persons voice might be funny?

it might squeak

What persons voice in the westing game was one and the same?

Otis Ambers

What is the vibrating object that produces sounds in the human voice?

vocal cord

What objects produces high pitch sound?

Justin Bieber's voice.

Who is the actor that does the voice in the Apple Bees Commercial?

The persons who have done the voice over for Applebees ads are John Corbett and Wanda Sykes.

Air passing through the glottis vibrates the vocal folds and produces?


Change this to passive voice of the verb.Many persons who like fruits prefer mango to papaya?

Mango is prefered by many persons who like fruits to papayas

Really twangy voice is that good or bad?

A persons voice is never bad if they say its badthen it willl be but if they stick to a positive note.... then maybe they might appear to have a perfect voice inside...which they hide!!!!

How does Steven hawking communicate?

He uses a wheelchair which transmits his thoughts to a computer and it produces a voice.

What is the difference between voice simulation and voice synthesis?

Voice synthesis is a process for creating sound from another media, e.g., written text. Voice simulation is a process for creating sounds that mimic some specific persons voice. Simulated sounds may or may not be synthesized.

What does it mean to Hear a voice in your sleep?

it means that a spirit is trying to contact you ..... it has happened to meor it could be your thoughtsAnswer:Hearing a voice in your sleep means that you are having an "auditory" dream; that means that your dream includes sounds (a voice) as well as visual images. Your own mind produces the voice that you hear in your sleep in exactly the same way that your own mind produces the images you see in your dreams. The meaning of the voice depends on what the voice is saying - it is something that your own deep mind is trying to bring to your conscious attention.

What happens to white blood cells when a persons vaccinated which kill micro-organisms?

it produces antibiotics

What can be used to identify a persons fingerprints handprints face voice eye and handwritten signatures?

biometric device