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a hole bunch lip stick eye shadow masscara nail polish anything you can think of is tested on animals is horrible

also they make animals smoke and do drugs for animal testing

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What products are used in animal testing?

animal testing is made to make sure a product is safe. these products may be makeup, shampoo, medicine, vaccines, and even transplants believe it or not. i was doing an article/ speech on animal testing and found out that at least around 15% of animals are used to test products.

What can you do to stop animal testing?

You can stop animal testing by buying NON animal tested products...

Does l'oreal still do animal testing as of 2009?

L'Oreal voluntarily stopped animal testing on finished products in 1989.

Which animal is mostly used for testing?

mice or rats are mostly used in animal testing

Are dogs used for animal testing?

Some dogs are used for animal testing. yes

Are cows used for animal testing?

Yes alot of cows are used for animal testing!

Should animals be used for testing medical and beauty products?

No way!! Animals should not . Its animal abuse.

How often is animal testing used?

every day because people need to know if products are going to work

Are animal by products and animal testing the same thing?

No these are not the same things animal by products are parts of the animal taken from the animal while animal testing is a horrid thing they do to animals if you would like to get more info than there are probably videos and information about both on theInternet

Do john frieda test on animals?

no they do not do animal testing on their products

What products are ok to test in animals?

I think none! Testing products on animals is animal testing which I strongly disagree with! Animal testing, if it goes wrong its the animal that suffers. Animal testing can put a lot of stress and pain on animals. I think that animals deserve rights to be free of being tested with things that cause them pain and even kill them.

Why not use animal testing?

Because testing cosmetic products on animals is cruel to the animal, How would you like getting new products tested on you? you have no choice and the products may not be safe or may even hurt you and they don't care.

What is scientific animal testing testing for?

Everything. Without animal testing certain products, materials, and medications would have to be tested on humans. Many people don't realize that animal testing has the biggest part in the medical field. Without animal testing you would not have basic antibiotics that you get from your doctor.

How many like animal testing how many don't like animal testing?

Animal testing is not okay. Thousands upon thousand of animals a year are subjected to poisoning, injury, and cruel conditions for the sake of animal testing. There are plenty of more humane ways to go about testing products.

Are pandas and polar bears used for animal testing?

By law, only their butts are used for animal testing. No joke.klick

Is Avon anew tested on animals?

Avon never uses animal testing on any of its products. They are committed to continue this policy of no animal testing.

What are the disadvangtages of animal testing?

ANimals suffer greatly. THere has to be some other alternative for testing products on animals

Why is animal testing legal?

Animal testing is legal because animal testing has been used to cure some of the deadliest ailments. Animals used in testing are also mostly rats and mice, who have safe, comfortable homes.

Does vichy use animal testing?

According to PETA.com Vichy does use animal testing for some of its products. And it is good to keep in mind that Vichy is owned by L'Oréal Paris, one of the biggest animal testing companies on the planet.

Arguaments against animal abuse?

you spelled arguments wrong! anyway, there are many arguments against animal testing. people can use skin cells, computer testing, or non animal models. animal testing needs to be stopped! it is wrong. there are more accurate and humane answers for testing products!!!

Is animal testing the same as animal dissection?

No, it is not. Animal testing is when companies and factories perform tests on animals using their products to test the results. Animal dissection is like an autopsy. It is when they open up the animal to see what is inside.

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