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What proof do we have that Jesus Christ is real?


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September 22, 2011 5:53AM


We have no proof that Jesus Christ was really the son of God, or that he was God. In fact we have no proof that Jesus even existed as a historical person. People could be praying to someone who never existed or who, if he did exist, was only a wandering preacher. The first-century Jews who would have known him, and should have been impressed by his miracles and his teachings, seem to have made little effort to convert to Christianity.

The apostle Paul seems to have been unaware that Jesus was a man who had lived in Palestine in the very recent past. For objective evidence of the existence of Jesus, there is none. His epistles could as easily have described a heavenly Jesus, similar to the High Priest in heaven that the Book of Hebrews portrays, and when Paul spoke of the resurrection, it either took place entirely in heaven or seems to have been the same event as the ascension to heaven.

Even the gospels are not sure. Mark's Gospel tells us that Jesus was the adopted by God as his son, and even has Jesus deny being God (Mark 10:18: "Why call me good. There is none good but God." Matthew and Luke say that he was the son of God from his conception, while John says that Jesus was fully divine and pre-existing form the time of creation.