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cervical canal, then the vagina.

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Q: What provides a passageway for delivery of a baby as well as uterine secretions?
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What are the 6 P's of labor and delivery?

Passenger (fetus), Passageway (pelvic bone/pelvic structures), Power (uterine contractions), Placenta, Psyche (psychological state), Prayer

How does the blastocyst obtain its nutrition in the uterine cavity before implantation occurs?

Nourished by glycogen rich uterine secretions. -Pearson Text Book

Where does a horse embryo gets its food?

Before placental development the conceptus gets nutrition from uterine secretions. After placentation nutrition comes from the mare via the placenta.

What is the passageway that channels ova from the ovary into the uterus?

Uterine, or fallopian, tubes... Pair of 5-inch (12-cm) tubes, attached to the uterus, that provide a passageway for the ovum to move from the ovary to the uterus) Via Exploring Medical Language (A Student-Direct Approach, 7th Edition) Myrna LaFleur Brooks

Function of the uterine horn?

The uterine cornua defines the entrance of the uterine tubes into the uterus.

What instrument measures uterine depth?

A uterine sound measures uterine depth.

What is uterine parenchyma?

Parenchyma is the bulk of the organ, so uterine parenchyma means the uterine walls.

What are the symptoms of uterine prolapse?

symptoms of uterine prolapse

What are the contents of the uterine pedicle?

The uterine artery and vein

Which is closer uterine or agnate siblings?


Pathophysiology of myoma uterine?

pathophysiology of myoma uterine

Why is it an advantage for pigs to have long uterine horns and a small uterine body?

The advantage to pigs for having long uterine horns and a small uterine body is that the longer uterine horns allow more space to hold bigger litters. The young are kept in the uterine horns which are the fallopian tubes in humans.

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