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Mitochondria (organelles within the cell) use a payload of "adenosine triphosphate" molecules to provide the cell with energy.


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does respiration provides energy for cells without using oxygen

ATP provides energy for the body's functions

The organelles which provides energy for cells are the mitochondria.

mitoochondrion and for plants chloroplasts

Mitochondria provides it.

actually its not respiration. respiration REQUIRES oxygen. the answer is fermentation, fermentation provides energy for cells without using oxygen.

Yes,they have mitochondria.Mitochondria provides energy for leaf cells.

It provides the energy cells need to survive.

Provides energy for other cells.

The mitochondia provides energy for the cell.

Glucose is the carbohydrate and goes through your body and give energy. This converts to the cells.

Glucose (C6H12O6) provides energy for the cells in the plant.

Its Mitochondria as well as Nucleus...

CH2O (glucose) is the most fundamental molecule metabolized by cells (in conjunction with Oxygen) for energy.

In animal cells, the organelle that provides energy for the cell is the mitochondria. In plant cells, this would be the chloroplast.

The mitochondria is the organelle inside the cells that makes ATP energy from cellular respiration. The mitochondria provides energy for the cell.

it is called respiration. oxygen + glucose -> carbon dioxide + water (+ energy). this energy is supplied to our cells to keep them working.

The circulatory system provides nutrients for the cell to "burn" for energy.

The organic molecule provides a ready source of chemical energy within all cells is the ATP or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is considered as the energy currency of life.Ê

Without energy, cells can't function. For example, ATP (chemical energy) in cells provides most of the energy to carry out the cell's needs. Without energy, cells are unable to do their jobs, thus collapsing the system.

I think you are referring to the mitochondria. They release energy stored in food.

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