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Louis Riel is considered by many to have been a good leader because he stood firmly for what he believed in, but was also willing to compromise. Riel founded the province of Manitoba, and was a strong advocate for the Metis people, an aboriginal group in Canada.

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Q: What qualities made Louis Riel a good leader?
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Was Louis Riel A Good Leader?

yes he was a good leader and he never ruled the land or the people he was never a ruler.

What made Louis Riel a good leader?

He were good leader Because good student at the college DE Montreal and received a broad education in languages including English and the sciences.

Was Louis reil a good person?

it depends on your perspective. if you're on the English side, then Louis riel was a pest. if you're on the french side, then Louis riel was a great hero who defended their rights.

How did Louis riel change Canada?

he fought for the freedom of the Metis. ---------------------- Riel did little to nothing good for Canada. He exposed the myth that the North and West lands Canada bought and colonised were empty of people. He also showed that Canada was just as capable of the violence of the British Empire when they sent troops into what is today Western Canada and used force and massive immigration to advance their colonisation cause.

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What is the government's view of Louis Riel?

Not good. Louis Riel disproves many Canadian myths, including that nice peaceful myth. Canada took land by force, killed those who stood in it's way and then vilified the dead while writing a glorious history to teach all Canadians. Which would be all so much easier if Riel and those like him would just go away.

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