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if it's an apartment or duplex, find out if any of the neighbors smoke... i moved into an apartment and the neighbor downstairs and next door smoked. the smell came through the walls and my entire apartment smelled like an ashtray.

find out when rent is due

dogs are ok

gas or electic


how long have they owned the house

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Q: What question should you ask a landlord before renting?
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Does the landlord have to knock before entering the property if 24 hours notice is given to the tenant?

It depends on your contract, but it is a very common courtesy that if you are renting form him he should provide. though if you are not home expect that the landlord will enter.

Why should a landlord get contents insurance?

It is very important for a landlord to get contents insurance if they are renting out a property with furniture included. If then the contents are damaged by the tennants then the landlord will be able to use the insurance policy to replace them.

What should I know before renting a carpet shampooer?

Before renting a carpet shampooer you should know what kind of chemicals the one you are renting takes. You should also be sure to read the fine print of the contract to make sure you know what you are paying for and what to expect from the machine that you are renting.

What are the legal rights for housing rent?

You do have some legal rights when renting a house. The house should be clean and liveable, the landlord should tell you when he is coming over to fix the house, the landlord cannot have the locks changed.

What references should you require from a landlord to ensure that he is a good landlord when renting an apartment?

You can usually tell by the upkeep of the apartment building. As far as your landlord's character try talking to some of the other tenants.

What kind of questions should I ask a landlord when I am considering renting their home?

If they have a lease agreement, if they allow pets, if there is a deposit required and is there a credit check?

If you are renting a house should you expect to be reimbursed for the paint if you paint a room and the landlord gives you permission to paint it?

Unless you had an agreement with the landlord to that effect, no. If you repainted it because you just wanted a different color, then it's not likely.

Can California landlords be held responsible for renting to known felons and gang members?

I know of no law that forbids renting to a felon, or a gang member.Another PerspectiveA landlord has the responsibility to provide tenants with a safe and healthy environment. Renting units to known gang members who then cause damages, harm or loss to the other tenants may create some liability for the landlord. If that is the case you should consult with an attorney or with a landlord-tenant agency in your town who can review your situation and explain your options, if any.

Do the fair housing laws forbid the use of 'God' by a landlord?

Not sure what you mean. If you mean can a landlord discriminate in renting on the basis of religion, NO. If you mean can a landlord use the word "God" in speaking to you as a tenant - that's a matter of civility and if it offends you, you should politely ask whether the landlord could not use God's name when speaking with you. There is no guaranty how the landlord will react.

What should I know before renting medical supplies?

You should understand the total cost of renting including needed parts or supplies. Also understand the terms of the rental agreement.

What should I know before renting apartments in NY?

If you mean NYC, you should know what neighborhood youre moving into it and if it's safe. That you have a decent landlord that lives locally or else nothing will ever get fixed. That if you have a stoop, chances are you'll have a "friend" living on it. There are rats everywhere, even in newer apartments. Beware of bedbugs. Make sure your apartment is by the subway. Make sure you have a job before renting, it's not always easy to find a new one.

What can can be done if a tenant doesn't pay his rent and it turns out that the tenant is an illegal alien?

The landlord should serve a notice to quit for non-payment of rent. The fact that the tenant is an alien has nothing to do with the landlord. The landlord who brings it up in court is a fool - the obvious question is, why did the landlord not act on that information before? Waiting to use that information in court is completely disingenous.

What should you buy if you are renting a built-in or a freestanding dishwasher?

If you install a built in the landlord will ask you to leave it or replace the cabinets it replaced. Portable sounds a better deal to me.

Is a landlord responsible for your interior belongings if house burns down due to faulty wiring?

the landlord should be responsible. by the way this question has nothing to do with gorillas.

Can a landlord stay the night without permission in a shared accommodation?

I don't know what you are thinking in terms of "shared accommodation" but it looks like you're not sharing with the landlord. Whatever property the landlord leases out is no longer his to use so he should not stay. If, however, you are renting a room in the landlord's house and have shared access to the kitchen, for example, then the landlord can still use the kitchen, of course.

If im renting a house that came with stove is landlord responsible for fixing stove?

The landlord should be responsible for everything in the house (example: Refrigerator, stove, water heater, floor, etc) if it was to not function properly or was damaged . But if it was neglected or abused by your actions, then it would be your responsibility.

What questions should landlords ask before renting?

Do you work and i need to see some refrences

What should I ask before renting a property as a beach getaway?

You should make very clear what are you expecting and what are the landlords expecting from you.

What is the landlord's responsibilities when a fridge breaks down?

If you provided the fridge, then the responsibility is yours. If you are renting a furnished place and the fridge is listed on the inventory when you moved in then you should be able to get your landlord to take responsibility.

What should I know before renting a wheel chair van?

There are many factors that you should consider before renting a wheelchair van, such as price, usability, ease of access and many other various functions that wheelchair vans offer. The exact abilities of the person in the wheelchair should always be taken in account before making a decision on a rental.

What will happen if you stop paying your rent?

The renter will be subject to eviction. The exception to this is if the state where the person is renting has laws that allow the renter to withhold payment due to the landlord not keeping the property up to code. Withholding rent payment is a last resort and the state's landlord-tenant laws should be examined before the action is taken. The renter can contact the state or local housing authority for assistance.

What should a landlord do before listing apartments for rent?

The Landlord should check if everything works in the apartment. The dwelling is cleaned and any repair works completed before listing the apartment for rent. It is always a good idea to have a draft copy of rental agreement ready.

Can you break a lease if moving out of the country?

Yes you can, but unfortunately, depending on the landlord (they shouldn't have a problem re-renting) you could lose your money. Talk to your landlord and explain the circumstances. These days it doesn't take long to re-rent a home or apartment so I don't think you have anything to worry about and if you have a decent landlord you should be able to get your money back. Good luck Marcy

Should the tenant pay the bank or landlord on foreclosed property?

The Landlord

Can a landlord file a claim if the tenant dies owing rent?

I'm no lawyer but... The estate of the deceased tenant should pay any debts before disbursing the money to beneficiaries. The landlord should file a claim against the estate.