What questions have enough information to be answered on WikiAnswers?

For a question to have enough information to be answered, the asker can't just assume someone knows what they mean. Be very specific. If you are asking about a specific person, place, or thing, use the name, and not the pronoun.

X = What books did she write?
√ = What books did JK Rowling write?

When the word "she" was used, no one knew who the asker was talking about.

X = How much money does he make a year?
√ = How much money does Donald Trump make a year?

Same thing here. No one could just guess at who "he" is.

X=How do you open the hood?
√ = How do you open the hood on a 2007 Ford Ranger?

Every car is different. People need to know which type you are talking about.

X = What is it all about?
√ = What is the play Potted Potter about?

Again, no one would know what "it" is.