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What questions haven't been answered on Wikianswers?

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There are many thousands of unanswered questions, on hundreds of topics on WikiAnswers - fortunately this is no longer one of them !

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How do you see if your questions have been answered on WikiAnswers?

If your Questions have been answered than wikianswers will send you an email.

How many questions has WikiAnswers answered?

As of August 13, 2013, there are 19,591,633 questions that have been answered on WikiAnswers.

Are there any questions that have not been answered?

Yes, there are tons of unanswered questions on WikiAnswers.

Why is there a question that has not been answered on WikiAnswers?

unfortunately, all of the questions in the whole world cannot be answered. you can answer them yourself, if you know what the answer is to them, if you become a member of wikianswers. Many questions are also repeats of older answered questions, if you find these you should request a question merge.

How can you find questions that have not been answered on WikiAnswers?

Just click on "Unanswered questions" in the green bar at the top.

Is WikiAnswers an answer-sharing site?

Yes, WikiAnswers is a website where you can ask questions and get answers to them. If you ask a question that has already been answered, you will be redirected to the answer. You can also answer questions on the website.

What questions on WikiAnswers have not yet been answered?

To browse Unanswered questions by category, click here:NEWQ

Why haven't my questions been answered much on Wikianswers?

Some people don't like the questions you ask and don't feel the need to answer them.

Why does WikiAnswers not alert you when your question has been answered?

WikiAnswers does alert you when a question you asked has been answered. At the home page and on question pages, the bell used for notifications at the top-right of the page will have a red notification box to let you know about questions you've asked that have been answered.

If WikiAnswers doesn't know the answer why do you have the question posted?

Because you can't answer a question that has never been asked. Ideally, there there should only be two kinds of questions on WikiAnswers - those that have been answered, and those that will be answered. When a contributor comes across a question that hasn't been answered, and they know (or think they know) the answer, they will put it in. That is how the collection of questions and answers grows.

What were two examples of how Enlightenment ideas were reflected in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the US?

i very much dislike how wikianswers give questions that haven't been answered yet. its so annoying. i very much dislike how wikianswers give questions that haven't been answered yet. its so annoying.

Is there a category on WikiAnswers in which all unanswered questions have been answered?

No... there will always be unanswered questions - as new questions are being submitted almost every second of every day.

How do you check to see if your questions have been answered on WikiAnswers?

When you ask or answer a question, there is a check-box that asks if you want to add this question to your watchlist - the default is "yes" so if you don't remember telling us to, then it is automatically on your list! WikiAnswers will email you when your questions are answered, updated, or edited.

What is the oldest question here that has never been answered?

Currently - the oldest question in the 'Questions about WikiAnswers' section is How did Microsoft impact WikiAnswers- posted on 25th May 2007.

How do you delete all your history from WikiAnswers?

You don't! I've been trying because I'm so ashamed of the questions I have answered

What percentage of WikiAnswers questions get answered?

That's a tough one. Some questions are more difficult to answer than others. For instance, "how do I break up with my boyfriend?" There are a lot of those and they may sit around longer before they are answered. However, who was the third president of the United States is an easier one because it's objective. WikiAnswers has more answered questions than unanswered ones, but new questions and answers are being added every few minutes so the numbers are never static. To give it some quantitative sense, according to the conference call by Answer's management on August 13, 2007, out of the total 670,000 questions 375,000 were answered. It gives a slightly better ratio that two to one.

What is yagermeister?

Screw "WikiAnswers". How does WikiAnswers keep appearing at the top of search results with questions that have NOT BEEN ANSWERED? How do these jerks game the search engines like that? Screw WikiAnswers, they are a black mark on the Wiki spirit.

What questions have not been answered?

There are many questions which have not yet been answered. Click on "Unanswered questions" when you are in a category to see them all.

Is there any website better than WikiAnswers?

There are many websites similar to WikiAnswers, but none of them are necessarily "Better" overall. Quora has more features than WikiAnswers, but not as large of a user base. Questions asked on Aardvark are usually answered much faster on than on WikiAnswers, but you can't search for questions on it that have already been answered. Different Q&A websites exist, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Why is it that WikiAnswers never answers your questions?

There are just too many questions on WikiAnswers for every one to be answered. We try our best to get to every question, but sometimes there are just too many! WikiAnswers is now trying to recruit users to sift through the old question archives and try to answer some questions that have been unnoticed.

Do you have a delegate to reply to all the questions posted or are the questions that have been replied to removed from the list of questions on WikiAnswers?

Anyone can ask and answer questions on the site, and there is no one going through the list at all times, so some questions get answered right away and for others it takes longer. Questions that have been answered remain on the site so that people who have identical or similar questions can also get help.

What does 'Enter a question here' mean on WikiAnswers?

"Enter a question here" is the box for you to ask your new question on WikiAnswers, or to ask questions that may have already been asked and answered.

I have been answering a lot of questions on WikiAnswers but I have only got 2 trust points and cannot get the Premier Answerer position why is that?

It is probably because although you have answered many questions, they have not been of the highest quality or are incorrect.

How many questions are answered?

As of September 1, 2012 there are 17,362,905 questions that have been answered.

How do you view answers to WikiAnswers questions?

If the questions you're looking at have been answered by other contributors, then you should see them on the same page as the question. They'll appear in the middle of the page. If the question hasn't been answered, you will see a graphic stating that no one has answered the question yet -- maybe you can assist someone by answering it if you know the answer.

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