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Polish - Slavic

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Q: What race of people with PYRA surname belong?
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What race do people with saraf surname belong?

Many people with the Saraf surname are Armenian. Like many other immigrants , when entering America they took the ian off of the origianal Sarfian to blend in.

Sentence with the word belong?

I belong to the human race.

What race did the jomon people belong to?

Jomon are Proto-Mongoloids. While they look Caucasian, they are not.

What race did Chinese belong to?


Which race does Ronaldinho belong to?


Which race do Muslim people belong to?

Muslims do not belong to one race or country. There are Muslims from all over the globe, from different countries, cultures and of different skin colour. Islam is a religion which means it is open to all who wish to embrace it.

What race do Guatemalans belong to?

Guatemalans are from Guatemala and are of the general Hispanic or Latino race.

Difference between race and nationality?

Race means people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock. Nationality means belonging to a particular nation by birth or naturalization

What caste is the last name Kanda from?

Kanda is a surname of Punjabi Rajputs but they belong to Jat race who were made rajputs by Brahmina.

What is a defiition for racism?

Racism is the belief that one race of people is inherently better than another race. For example, if you believed white people were always better than black people, you would be racist. Likewise, believing that black people are better than white people is equally racist. By pure coincidence I'm sure, the race people believe is superior always just happens to be the race to which they belong.

What groups did Nazis deem unfit to belong to the Aryan's master race?

The Jews, Gypsies/Romani, gay people, Catholics, the handicapped, and Slavs.

What groups did the Nazis deem unfit to belong the the Aryan master race?

The Jews, Gypsies/Romani, gay people, Catholics, the handicapped, and Slavs.

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