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a low-level radioactive marker, usually technetium-99m or technetium pertechnetate.

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Q: What radioactive marker is used for salivary gland scans?
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Why are salivary gland scans performed?

A salivary gland scan is done to help diagnose the cause of dry mouth. It is a test that is done when Sjogren's syndrome, salivary duct obstruction, asymmetric hypertrophy, or growths such as Warthin's tumors are suspected.

What risks are associated with salivary gland scans?

A salivary gland scan is a safe test. The only risk is to the fetus of a pregnant woman. Women who are pregnant should discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure with their doctor.

How long to salivary gland scans take?

The entire process takes about ten minutes for the injection and 30-45 minutes for the scan.

What is used to diagnose salivary gland tumors?

tissue sample will be taken for study via a biopsy.Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans are also used to evaluate the tumor.

What precautions are associated with salivary gland scans?

The only people who should not undergo this test are pregnant women.It may be necessary to wait until earlier radiopharmaceuticals have been cleared from the body before undergoing this scan.

What are new radioactive tracers and PET scans used for?


What are radionuclide bone scans?

Radionuclide bone scans. These scans involve injecting a small amount of radioactive material into a vein. Primary tumors or cells that have metastasized absorb the radioactive material and show up as dark spots on the scan.

Radioactive substances that emit positrons are used in scans?

PET scan

What preparations are required with salivary gland scans?

No special preparations are needed for this test. It is not necessary to fast or to restrict medications before testing. Any blood that needs to be drawn for other tests should be taken before the radiopharmaceutical is injected.

How do GI bleeding scans work?

Bleeding scans are based on the accumulation of radioactive material as it exits from the vessels during a bleeding episode.

Can you still be around kids while having radiation treatment?

If you are receiving radiation treatment for cancer, you can still be around kids. The radiation, and the cancer, are not contagious.Another Answer:It depends on whether you just receive radiation, or if you have radioactive implants. If you just receive radiation therapy, such as gamma radiation from Cobalt-60, then you are not radioactive when you leave the facility. If you have implants, however, such as around the prostate gland in certain forms of therapy, you are radioactive, and you need to ask your radiation technologist and doctor what your limits are relative to being around children.Note: Some radiation treatment, particularly neutron bombardment, can cause activation of some of your atoms into a radioactive form. To be safe, talk to your doctor, etc. in any case.Also, bone scans, heart scans, and other types of scans where you are injected with a radioactive tracer, such as Technicium-99M, do make you radioactive for a short while, often just a few days. Again, talk to your doctor.

What is the use of radioactivity in hospitals?

They are normally used as tracers. A small amount (Non lethal!!!!!) of a radioactive substance is put into the patient and by monitoring the radioactivity emitted it can be traced where the radioactive substance has moved to. It is also used in PET scans (Positron emission tomography) and MRI scans )magnetic resonance Imaging) possibly also used in CAT scans, I don't know how they work though.

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