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What ram does windows 95 use?


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32mb sd ram or 64 mb sd ram

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Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

Sonic CD's minimum requirement is 8 Megabytes of RAM, which is a VERY small amount.

8 mb is enough to run it well.

The official system requirements for Windows 95 are:386DX or faster4 MB of RAM120 MB of free hard drive spaceCD or floppy drive

Their is Windows 95 Plus! Windows 95. Windows 95 Microsoft Internet Explorer as the 3 main versions of it.

Windows Vista requires at least 512 mb of RAM, although 1 gb is recommended. It is said that Vista can use up to 4 gb of system RAM and that there is no benefit from going beyond that.

difference between Windows 98 and Windows 95

That's not really possible. A "modern" amount of RAM these days is at least 1 GB. Windows 95 simply will not be able to use (and probably won't boot with) more than 480 MB of RAM. It also has major issues with processor speed, poor support for USB, non-existent support from modern graphics card manufacturers, and is typically limited to a 32 GB hard drive (there are workarounds, but probably beyond your capabilities). You are probably better served running Windows 95 in an emulator, such as QEMU.

It depends on your operating system, windows 7 and vista 64bit will use as much ram as possible while windows xp has a max of 3.25gb of ram. 2gb is reccomended with any thing other than xp. While on my system with 4gb of ram, it will use about 1.5gb.

Yes. If you do not have a version of Windows 95 that supports USB directly, you can still use a USB keyoboard by enabling "Legacy USB support" in your computer's BIOS.

Use Virtual PC (download from Microsoft) and the guest operating system is windows 95. While running windows 95 as a guest, Power chess 98 will run on the guest windows 95 virtual PC OS

Depending on which version of Windows, or Mac you use it can be between 1 and 2 GB of RAM needed For Windows 7 it is usually 1 GB of RAM, and if you use Mac then you will need 2 GB

These are the minimum requirements for Windows 95. Note that most people at the time found the memory and processors listed unacceptable to actually run Windows 95. 386DX processor 4 MB of RAM 50 - 55 MB of space for a clean install, or 35 to 40 MB for an upgrade from Windows 3.1 3.5" floppy drive VGA video card

Some, but not in any notable amount.

Both. Windows 3.1 and earlier used cooperative multitasking. Windows 95 and later use preemptive multitasking.

Windows XP does not have the RAM, its the computer that has it. The amount of RAM can differ for each computer.

Windows 95 is an operating system from 1995, published by Microsoft

Windows 95 was developed under the codename "Chicago."

it was released worldwide

Yes, Windows 95 is an operating system.

Windows NT 3.1 was the first to use a preemptive multitasking. However, it was Windows 95 which had true multitasking.

7.0 was with Windows 95, and Windows 95A 7.1 is Windows 95B

While I see no particular reason why you couldn't, the vast difference in hardware requirements and supported devices make finding a system that would both run Windows 95 to a useful extent and provide acceptable performance for Windows Vista extremely difficult. For instance, Windows 95 has sever problems with larger amounts of RAM, and probably won't boot with more than 490 MB installed (you can work around it after Windows 95 is installed.) Few graphics cards support both Windows 95 and Windows Vista (the GeForce 6 series is the only exception I can think of). USB support is only found in certain versions of Windows 95, and none at all for USB 2.0. Windows 95 doesn't support SATA controllers. Most wireless cards won't work. And so on, and so on...Bottom line: if you absolutely must run Windows 95, do it in a virtual machine.

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