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Every year around 6000 people get admission into IITs. They are selected through a competitive exam called JEE.

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You got Preparatory Rank 422 in IIT in which IIT can you get?

You can get into any of the 15 IITs of your choice.

You got a rank of 424 PC In which IIT can you get admission?

Yes. You can get admission very easily.

What was the last rank got admission in 2008 through aieee in DCE in general quota?

What was the last rank got admission in 2008 through aieee in DCE in general quota?"

Your aieee 2009n rank is 19425 can you get admission in ymca faridabad?

if your All India rank is 19425. there are few chances thet you got admission in ymca faridabad. But if your state rank is this then forget about it.

What was the last rank got admission in 2008 through aieee in the south zone?

i have got AIEEE rank 37983 Will i get in nit suratkal

You have got 5000 rank in mca entrance exam conduct by uptu in which college you got admission?

my uptu rank for mca is 770 in which colleges we got addmission

You got 32000 state rank for aieee will you get sum college in NCR?

No, in NCR no college will give you admission in this rank

What rank needed for sc category in admission in dtu?

i has got state sc catagory rank is1900.can i get dtu

You got 52347 rank in uptu 2009 which college you get for admission?

Itm lucknow

What was the last rank got admission in 2008 through aieee in DCE?

it was 4.7 lakh

You have got 141 in aieee 2009 and 118 in mhtcet 2009will you get admission in vit pune?

With a rank obtained in 2009, you cannot get admission now.

You have got aieee rank 221560 can you get admission in YMCA faridabd in elctronics and communication?

pagal , Gadhe aadmi

In which college you got admission in UPTU MBA rank 23472?

Los Angeles city college and then to Yale 23473!

Under what rank you can got admission in uiet csjm kanpur?

go to ull get exact ranks but u can get ec and mech till abt 12000 rank

You are from chandigarh you have got 2 lakh rank in aieee tell you in which college you get admission?

you can contact to 09887150639 or log on on ur rank u can get a good college.

You got 10051 rank in ip..wots your chance.?

Getting admission in IP with this rank might not be easy.Since the seats are selected, you have 50% chances of getting selected

Myself pulkit singal appeared in aieee exam 2007 got all India rank 2586 can get admission in electronics or computer science at nit tiruchi?

Hi Pulkit! congrats for achieving this rank in AIEEE 2007,,you forgot to mention the state quota without which its a bit difficult to answer your query.If you have rajasthan quota then i think it will be difficult for you to get either of the branches.

I got a iit jee rank of 94 in pd category in preparatory cource in which iit i will get seat?

With a rank 94, there is no IIt which wouldn't give you admission. You ca get the stream and IIT of your choice

I got rank 2000 in det -l tell my admission on govt.pol. col.?

no u should suck eggs

If you got 20000 rank in aieee and you are a st candidate then is it possible for you to get admission in dce?

Well it might be difficult but you should give it a try.

If your uptu bcgl rank is 90 can you get admission in hbti kanpur?

see i have got bcgl ranking48, if u get to know, pls advice me so

If you have got 62 marks in mp pet can you get admission in one of top 20 colleges in indore my merit rank is 58532?

mar ja

You got 29 marks in aieee and 80.26 percent in 12th where can you get admission?

Your marks of 12th and AIEEE don't affect each other. You won't get admission in AIEEE with this rank but you will get a good college in DU on the basis of your 12th marks

You got 70 marks in iit jee 2010 you are an sc candidate will you get into iits?

no you have to get atleast 89 marks

Ranking of Govt colleges in UPTU?

Do i have any chance of getting admission in any govt. college of uptu, I have got 7136 rank in general category in see uptu 2010?