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You can get into any of the 15 IITs of your choice.

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Q: You got Preparatory Rank 422 in IIT in which IIT can you get?
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I got a iit jee rank of 94 in pd category in preparatory cource in which iit i will get seat?

With a rank 94, there is no IIt which wouldn't give you admission. You ca get the stream and IIT of your choice

You got E307040 rank in iit eml what it means?

it is not possible

You got a rank of 424 PC In which IIT can you get admission?

Yes. You can get admission very easily.

Your son got air pd95 in iit jee exam 2009 and qualified for preparatory course. Will he get admission to any of iit for the same course?

he will get an admission in the iit's..thru prep course.. but if he gets a better rank thru any other exam...its better u send him there... but make sure yr choices for prep course are the old iit's and not the new ones... because one cant change the course afeter completing the prep course...

You have got 3611 rank in this rank which college you disrve please give you some advise?

If this is your rank in AIEEE or IIT, then you will get one of the best engineering colleges in India.

What is the expected rank in iit jee 2012 for 325 marks?

8000-9000 since you haven't got 325

When did IIT Roorki get the status of an IIT?

IIT Roorki got the status of IIT around 9 years ago.

Do Bangalore got approval for IIT?

No Bangalore didn't get any approval for IIT

You were qualified for preparatory course in IIT your all India rank as per merit list in st category is 392 will you get admission in any of it for preparatory course?

Preparatory Course in IITs The results of IIT-JEE are declared. Only those who are included in the merit list, will be declared to have 'qualfied'. The results of others will show, 'not qualified' The results of the qualified candidates are shown along with their rank number. In the list, SCs and STs will also be included, and, if 'qualified', their names with rank number are indicated. It means they have been included in the merit list. In respect of SC and ST candidates, another rank list is prepared, which is called 'Preparatory Rank list'. Those who hve not scored the minimum marks for entering the main merit list,referred to in the previous paragraph, will come under this Preparatory List. All the names appearing along with rank number, in the Preparatory List, have 'qualfied' for undergoing preparatory course in any IIT and also, in Indian School of Mines and Institutue of Technology, in Benarus Hindu University. Therefore, your question whether your are eligible to undergo the course in any IIT is answered in the affirmative. You are eligible. You will be called for a separate counselling by the IIT JEE authorities on a date after the the counselling for candidates who have qualfied for the main merit list is over. You may also note that the counselling for the main rank listed candidates take place first. Courses and IITs are alloted to them. Generally, there are always vancancies left over after allocating seats to them. Because, many candidates prefer one course, but alloted other course, which they reject. Or, alloted one IIT but they want another IIT. Or, they may be getting a better course and a nearby institution through other Entrance Exams like AIEEE etc. In this year, there are more than 500 vacancies for SC and ST candidates in all courses in all IITs and ISM and BHU, after the counselling for the SC and ST candidates of the main rank list is over. During the counselling for candidates qualified for prep. course, they are shown the SC and ST vacancy position, IIT-wise, course-wise available for them. They are given an option form, which they should fill up and submit. During the counselling, every candidate is called one after other, and their certificates etc. are verified. Their option sheet is also taken. After a week, the IIT JEE will announce the results of the counselling to these prep. course candidates through the website. The announcement will show which candidate has been alloted which course in which IIT. After that, the role of IIT JEE authories comes to an end. A fortnight thereafter, you will receive a call letter from the IIT allotted to you asking you to join the prep. course from a specified date. You go there and undergo the course for one year - in which you will be taught the same subjects of M, P and C which you had learnt in your XI and XII. Repeat the subjects. The course is semester wise and each semester, your results will be annonced. At the course end, you will be declared as either passed or failed. If passed, you will have to go to the same IIT on the date they have asked you to come, that will be well before the IIT-JEE 2008 candidates joining, and choose the course you like from among the vacancies which were shown to you at the time of counselling, remember. In other words, the vacancies of 2007. From 2008 you join the regular B.Tech along with the successful candiates of IIT-JEE 2008. The SC and ST vacancies of 2007 are carried forward to the seats of 2008. You may also note, as a prep.course student, you will be treated exactly like the students of B.Tech. of IIT 2007 joining your IIT. Same hostel accomodation, same mess facility, same lib.faciltiy -etc.- everything same except the course. You can enjoy your life. The only hitch is that you take five years to get your B.Tech degree whereas others from the main rank list, take four years. As you are targeting IITs your score should be below 6000, for NIT then it should be below 20,000. If you get marks more then 130 then you can try in top private institutes like Lovely Professional University, PSG, SSN, BMS. More marks you get better would be chances to get into these institutes Best of luck..

How many students were appering iit 2010?

Around 10 lakh people appeared for IIT 2010. But only 9000 got selected.

You got 105 marks in the aieee what is the expected rank?

i got 105 marks in aieee what is the expected rank

How many medals got India in 2010 commonwealth games?

They have got 422 gold 547 silver 579 bronce