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the Weddell Seal, the Proboscis Worm, and the Cormorant bird are all rare animals in Antarctica

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it is a animal . these species found in particular areas . these species are very rare.

It is an animal which is not found very often anymore and is in danger of because extinc ( the whole species dying out). An example of this is a polar bear, or a gorilla.

No. They live everywhere but Antarctica. There are over 1400 species around the world.

no but it is illegal to do it on rare species

The golden eagle is found in many countries, and is not considered a rare species.

donkeys because there species rome the whole earth so they aren't very rare to spot and they are not even kept as pets but are found in farm and most of the countries.

A dadunoniponi is a type of super-rare animal species that is nearly endangered.

A Vaquita is a rare species of porpoise, it is the smallest and most endangered species of cetacean in the world .

not at all! They are found everywhere!

There are dozens of species of wallabies, and some are rare and endangered. However, species such as the swamp wallaby are very common, and can be found virtually wherever there is bushland.

In North America, there are several rare/special species of animals. To the South of North America there are lush forests containaing various interesting species. The United States' "rare" animal would be the Bald Eagle.

There is no animal called blonde raccoon, although a rare colored one may be that color, but there is no species.

Senopiede. A rare species of centipede found in Madagascar.

No, they are found in all eukaryotes although they are rare in plants.

No, blizzards are fairly common in Antarctica.

certain snake species where ever they can be found are rare, but no snake can be found in antartica.

a rare species of flying camels that drink tea with there friends in the local bar

you cannot because it is extinct. extinct means no longer alive (of a species of animal).

a coogas is a rare animal related to the horse. it can only be found in America and they are extremely handsome.

It is obviously a rare to find animal that is coldblooded. It is obviously a rare to find animal that is coldblooded.

The Benthocodon is a rare species found under high levels of waters

A rare animal is an animal is like a unicorn Hope that helped!!!

The grey wolf is one rare animal in the Yellow Stone National Park. This park is also home to threatened species like the Canada lynx and the grizzly bear.

In a few areas, such as southern Texas, it is rare and endangered. However, overall it is fairly common and listed as a species of "least concern."

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