What rassain people eat in their culture?

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What culture of people eat lizards?

doesn't everyone eat lizards

What is the difference bitween culture and civilization?

Culture is what people eat where and do for living .(kind of) Civilisation is when people where first made.

Do people eat deers?

ofcourse they do do!!!! people can eat anything they want to so of course but it does depend on there culture

Do people in Ireland eat candy canes for a culture?


Are food habits and food culture same?

No, they are not the same. food habits are when you are addicted to a food, and food culture is where a culture eat a food regularly. (such as Asian people eat lots of rice.

Why do people eat different food?

That is because we have different cultures and they eat food according to their own culture. You also eat different food because you follow your own culture.

Why do Indian people eat differently to English people?

Because it is their culture they like too eat spicy and they may ask the same question it is culture and nature. If this helped you please write on my wall.

Why do people like to eat with their fingers?

because they are weird!?!~ because that is there culture.

Why do Chinese people eat certain meats?

Because that's their culture

What defines your culture as much as anything is the food you eat?

what defines your culture is the kinds of food you eat such as Louisiana I'm from Louisiana and we eat a lot of seafood so we define ourselves as Cajun people

How do you report about culture in the class?

Culture is what people do, their traditions, what they wear, what they eat, the movies they see, and where they go. So, pick a culture, research it, and write about what you learned.

What is the relationship between the environment people live in and their culture?

People depend on their environment to live and eat. The culture of a people usually reflect value upon the things found in the environment.

How do Mexicans eat?

They LOVE spicy food. its part of their culture.They eat like normal persons.

What do you understand by the term culture?

Culture helps you understand the beliefs of a certain group of people. It also tells you what they eat and what their customs are.

Why do people eat chimpanzees?

People eat chimpanzees for the same reasons people eat cows. I know it's strange in western culture but chimpanzee's are animals, some cultures need to eat them to provide the nutrients they need in their diets.

How can religion and culture affect a person's diet?

Religion and culture will play a charge part in the food that people eat ever day. Some people can't eat some foods because of their religion for example Muslim and Jews can't eat pork, Hindus don't eat beef and Buddhists are vegetarian

Why do Chinese people always eat rice and noodles?

Well, it's part of their culture.

Did the pilgrims eat turkey?

Yes. Many people think it was a different culture that started it, but that is not true.

Why do spanish people eat paella?

Paella is the national dish of Spain. It is deeply embedded in their culture.

What do you eat on thanxgiving?

You mainly would eat turkey, squash, and potatoes, but people do add extra food or change the food to fit their culture.

How can you recognize different culture identities?

The way people dress, the food they make and eat, the language they speak, write and read can also be indications of a particular culture.

How can fungus be good for people?

Fungus can culture many foods like yogurt and cheese making them tastey and healthy for people to eat.

Sentence for culture?

Sentences for culture are...........Different people have different cultures.You might think that Asian people might eat weir gurl in Mrs.Meggets class in the school C.S.67

What are three elements of culture that you can see?

The food the people eat, the clothing they wear, and the types of homes they build.

Do japans people eat soup?

Yes- egg drop soup is one of the favorites by the oriental culture.