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Juggling balls is very good for you on a number of levels.

Loosening all the joints from your finger tips back to your shoulder blades, improving hand eye co-ordination are the main benefits on a physical level. Use of heavier weights are also good for building muscle in the arms and shoulders. I like three pound soft exercise balls. Five minutes and your arms and shoulders will feel it!

From a mental point of view, focusing on a pattern and trying to make new patterns and tricks is a great exercise for creativity. It is also a great stress relief, as the body and mind are forced to focus on what is going on right there, blocking out thoughts of difficulties dealing with work and social issues. Clearing the mind makes one more efficient and more likely to approach things logically and not emotionally. Reducing stress can reduce hypertension.

And of course juggling is a great way to meet new people and a good topic for interesting conversations and social gatherings.

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How are juggling balls made?

There are many ways to make juggling balls because there are many types. There is also a distinction between beanbags and balls. I'm not sure if you are referring to balls specifically or both. This web page discusses both beanbags and balls and has links to how both are made: In any case if you get creative it is not hard to make good juggling balls for much less than the price of most vendors.

What do you need to learn before beginning three-ball juggling?

Good hand-eye coordination and to perfect juggling 2 balls.

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How do you learn to juggle?

I would suggest starting with juggling scarves. They make it easy to learn the correct pattern in a slow controlled manner. Juggling for beginners is a good website that has info about juggling scarves. If you want to jump directly to learning to juggle with balls as I did, there is an easy to follow guide at There is also an excellent (and inexpensive) book: The Little Book of Juggling by Richard Dingman that is very easy to follow and has good diagrams.

What is the best type of juggling beanbag?

I would go with sportco juggling balls which can be found on because they are high quality and durable and you can have them under filled to your specifications. (mine are 10% under filled.) I have also heard good things about the sil-x balls which can be found on If you are a beginner stick with hackey sacks.

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What does Contact Juggling means?

Contact juggling is a style of juggling which uses balance and precision to move the objects being juggled, in contrast to "toss" juggling in which a juggler throws the objects into the air and catches them rapidly. A good example of this is Jareth the Goblin King's manipulation of glass orbs in the movie Labyrinth.

Where can you get juggling beanbags?

Look on the internet for juggling equipment stores, such as Jugglebug, Dube, Renegade, Squeezit, etc. You can also check out the International Jugglers Association, who have many advertisers that sell juggling props. Sometimes Borders Books sells a "how to juggle" book and beanbag set. You can make your own by filling the end of an old sock with dried beans, birdseed, bee-bees or a combination, then sewing the sock shut and cutting off the extra. When teaching, I make a small slit in old tennis balls, fill them with cheap bird seed (use a funnel)...the slit closes when you take out the funnel, then cut the neck off some party balloons and stretch them over the tennis ball to completely cover the ball. This makes round "bean bags" that are a good weight, don't bounce, are colorful and can be cleaned. For a good weighted beginner juggling ball, try lacrosse balls found at any sporting good store. Dog balls work too. Empty tennis balls are not good to learn on. They are too light and bounce out of hand too easily, making learning more difficult.

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What are some ways the juggler uses their body systems?

Good hand-eye coordination is the major requirement, as are very good reflexes. Jugglers get their hand eye coordination and reflexes from brain functionality. They also use their muscular system to create movement of the body and the juggling balls, and their skeletal system provides the solid structure to enable this. The juggler's nervous system will also let them know the tactile sensations of juggling, which helps them do so with accuracy.

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What are the benefits of juggling?

There are many benefits to juggling - coordination, speed, control of movements, and power. Accuracy is also boosted, together with the ability to catch. Furthermore, research has recently shown that juggling boosts white brain matter at the back of the brain, which is creates connections, or pathways, in the brain (this is a good thing!).

Why is it important for dogs to stay lean and fit?

For the same good health reasons all us animals should.

Facts about juggling?

Juggling has been combined with jogging in the last 20 years to create a new sport called "joggling". Races are fast and are done with 3, 5 and even 7 balls. If you drop, you cannot take another step until starting your juggle again. Jugglers are depicted on tombs in Egypt from thousands of years ago. Juggling helps eye/hand coordination so much that a good juggler is also better at baseball, video games, football, tennis and any other sport that requires eye/hand coordination. A juggler passing clubs with another juggler makes thousands of catches and throws in an hour of juggling, with the ability to make changes in order to keep the flow of the spins and pattern going strong. Arm strength is improved by juggling.

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I saw a man juggling six plates! We are using paper plates this evening.

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