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Q: What recycling group recycles plastic?
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What does a recycling machine do?

it recycles the waste things which are introduced in it

Why do liver is called a recycling bin?

it recycles waste in the body

Which city recycles the least?

There are thousands of cities that don't offer recycling at all.

Which companies are involved in recycling?

Since 2007, Equanet have provided Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling to clients.

What is present tense of recycle?

recycle / recycles / am,is,are recycling.I recycle all my household waste.She recycles all her household waste to.We are recycling our household wastes.

What does Jacksonville do about recycling?

They have a rather large recycling system. They have bins that get picked up every week by a trash like truck that takes it and recycles it.

What percentage of the US recycles?

77% recycle, 23% don't, 86% have access to curbside recycling.

What is worse for the environment plastic or aluminum foil?

Plastic!!!!!!!!!! Aluminum recycles, but most plastics do not.

What is plastic recycling?

More plastic.

What is star recycling?

Star Recycling is a company that recycles all types of scrap metal. They are open to the public and also have locations for construction debris that is recycled to create new materials.

If you cannot see a recycling symbol on your plastic milk bottle can it still go in your recycling box?

Yeh its plastic

What are the recycling restrictions on plastic labels?

Generally there are no recycling restrictions on plastic labels. These labels are removed during the final cleaning stage of the recycling process by the secondary manufacturer.