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The original refrigerant installed at the factory in 1973 was R12 (Freon). If it has not been converted to R134a, I suggest you convert it now, if it is leaking and needs repair. R12 is no longer in production and the dwindling supply is very expensive. Much cheaper to convert it to R134a.

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Q: What refrigerant is used in a 1973 eldorado?
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What freon in 1996 eldorado?

Your 1996 El Dorado uses R-134a refrigerant.

What Disposable refrigerant containers are used for what type of refrigerant?

Disposable refrigerant containers are only used for virgin refrigerant.

How do you replace refrigerant in 97 eldorado?

Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts store comes with instructions

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Why is refrigerant used?

Refrigerant are used in refrigerator for cooling and dehumidifying indoor air.

What is the refrigerant used for ac in a 1997 ford escort?

134a refrigerant

Why is oil in your refrigerant?

The oil used to lubricate the compressor is cycled with the refrigerant.

What is an example of a hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant?

The example of CFC is R-12. It is being used as a refrigerant.

How do you refill the refrigerant for the ac system on a 1992 Cadillac Eldorado?

The refrigerant 134 loaded through the LOW PRESSURE side of the vehicle a/c system, but I will say if you are not knowledgeable, nor equipped on refrigerants-LEAVE IT TO A PRO--you could get hurt or cause damage

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1996 Cadillac Eldorado...If msg reads AC low on refrigerant and AC compressor reads off will both problems be fixed by adding refrigerant? fixed the issue on my 1995 ElDorado, BUT you must disconnect the battery for a little while to reset the computer to allow you to add Freon to the system. I had a leak and it fixed it for about 6 months. Both warnings went away until the system got low again.

What type of fluid should I use in the hydraulic pump for the convertible top on my 1973 Cadillac Eldorado?

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What refrigerant is used in central ac?


The most commonly used refrigerant?


What is ef22a freon replacement?

ef22a is a refrigerant. It is used in place of R22. It is a Hydrocabon refrigerant. Very efficient.....

What is a refrigerant?

A refrigerant is the most important component of a refrigerator. It is used to transfer thermal energy throughout a refrigerator,

What type of refrigerant is used on a 1992 infinity g20?

you can buy the right refrigerant over the counter at checker auto or auto zone, the correct refrigerant is 134a

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