What relatives does Chile have?

Chile has white-mediterranean majority that would exceed 60% to 90% of the Chilean population because most show varying degrees of mixed ancestry.

The white segment of Chile's populace consists mainly of people descended from colonial Spanish settlers (predominately Basque), and to a lesser extent, of people of German, Italian, Irish, French, English, Swiss and Croat ancestry, singly or combined with each other. The mestizo segment, in this respect, derives its European component from colonial Spanish settlers (mainly Andalusians and Castilians), while its Amerindian component derives from various tribes or nations, mainly Picunches and Mapuches.

The Afro-Chilean population has always been negligible, reaching a high of 2,500 during the colonial period; their racial contribution is less than 1%.

The current non-mestizo Native American population is relatively small. According to the Census 2002, 4.6% of the Chilean population considered themselves indigenous, although most show varying degrees of mixed ancestry.