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Lamaism I think

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Q: What religion do the mongols have?
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What religion did the mongols practice?


Which religion did the mongols control?

East Asia

What was Genghis Khan's religion and what do they believe in?

His religion is assumed to have been Shamanism or Tengrism, which was popular amongst the Mongols.

What was Kublai k Hans religion?

Kublai followed the Animist religion of the Mongols; though he did show some interest in Christianity and other religions.

Why didn't the Mongols bathe?

They didn't want to wash away good spirits.

Did mongols bring in roman Catholic as their religion?

The population of Mongolia is only 2.1% Christian. So, no.

What has the author Henry Serruys written?

Henry Serruys has written: 'Kumiss ceremonies and horse races' -- subject(s): Mongols, Religion, Kumiss, Horses, Religious aspects 'Genealogical tables of the descendants of Dayan-qan' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Mongols, Kings and rulers, Family 'The Mongols and Ming China' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Mongols, History

Are there still mongols?

Yes there are Mongols , people living in Mongolia are mongols.

What did mongols live in?

The Mongols lived in Yurts!

Who was a powerful leader of the Mongols?

The leader of the Mongols was originally named Temujin. After the Mongols gained more power, he became known as Genghis Khan.

How do you use the word Mongols in a sentence?

The Mongols were warrior people.

When did mongols attack Russia?

The Mongols invaded Russia on December 21,1237

What forces lead to the fall of the mongols?

The Chinese were the cause of the fall of the mongols

How did the mongols rule?

The Mongols ruled by destroying the irrigation AND FARTING EVERYWHERE

What land was not conquered by the mongols in china?

which land was not conquered by the mongols in china

Who were the Mongols in the middle ages?

The Mongols were another Central Asian tribe. The Mongols attacked West Asia and weakened the power of the Turks and the power of the Mongols increased rapidly. The established their hold over Southern Russia and across Central Asia into China. The Mongols embraced Islam.

What is the difference between Inuits and Mongols?

Inuits and Mongols are different ethnicities. Mongols inhabit Mongolia while Inuits inhabit North America.

Where did the Mongols live?

The Mongols lived in a place called Mongolia which is a place in China.

When were the Mongols driven from China?

The Mongols were driven out of China in 1369 by the Ming dynasty.

Why did the mongols conquer China?

yes, the mongols conquered China

What were the mongols effects on Russia?

They centralized the governmentThey were fierce, but allowed Russian people to follow their own religion.Russia was isolated from its neighbors in western Europe, so they had little access to new ideas or inventions.Mongols demanded two things: absolute obedience and massive amounts of tributes (payments)

What was one way that the Mongols' influence in China differed from the Mongols' influence in Persia?

The Mongols tolerated Persian religions but suppressed Chinese religions.

Led the attack against the Mongols and defeated them?

_______ led the attack against the Mongols and defeated them.

Who did The Mongols incorporate into their military forces?

The Mongols incorporated Uyghur Turks into their military forces.

Did the mongols interfered with trade and closed down the silk road?

No, the Mongols helped expand it.