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What religion was spread from Arabia?

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Islam spread from Arabia.

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Buddhism was then main religion of Afghanistan a long time ago, not sure if it spread to Arabia.

It was islam its holybook quran is completec in 632ad and so on..never stopped not 733ad

Actually it's the other way round. The Islamic religion was founded in the existing but ill-defined region of 'Arabia', now mostly Saudi Arabia. Islam spread outward from Arabia.

Islamic religion is not based in any particular country. True it originated in Saudi Arabia but it spread and is followed by Muslims all over the World. The focal point however is Saudi Arabia as all Muslims have to go for Pilgrimage to Makkah and Madina in Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah.

Check the map. Islam was created in, and spread from, Arabia. Those countries closest to Arabia, of which Egypt is certainly one, were the first to feel the weight of Islamic armies.

Saudi Arabia is known as the 'birth place' of a more specific religion, Islam.

The religion revealed by Muhammad - Islam.

Islam is the only religion which is permitted in Saudi Arabia. The practice of any other religion is forbidden as it is the home and origin of Islam.

constantine spread the religion of christianity

In Saudi Arabia most people are Muslim. The holiest site of Islam, the Grand Mosque of Mecca is also located in Saudi Arabia.In Saudi Arabia there is only one religion which is Islam

The Moors went to Spain by boats from North Africa. Islam was founded in Arabia by Mohamed. Muslims consider it a restoration of the religion of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others. It spread north east, and west from Arabia.

Missionaries are the people who help spread a religion.

The main religion of Saudi Arabia is Islam

The official religion of Saudi Arabia is Wahabi Islam.

Islam is not A religion but it is THE religion. Mean to say that its the only religion. Its the religion of GOD for whole of humanity...

The vast majority of Saudi are Wahhabi Muslims. Being any religion other Muslim is illegal in Saudi Arabia.

It's a part of their religion and in Saudi Arabia every religion except Islam is banned by the law.

Islam is the main religion in Saudi Arabia.

Islam is the only religion of Saudi Arabia

mostly in Saudi Arabia

Islam is the main religion of Saudi Arabia.

All of the history of Muhammad's life took place in Saudi Arabia and, as a result, Islam has been a religion in Saudi Arabia since the early 7th century.

Muslim merchants from North Africa and Arabia interacted with Sub-Saharan African countries and their religion spread through these interactions.

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