What religions are under attack?

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Christianity religion is under attack these days. We see many Churches burning down in particularly in India, Killing of Christians, Burning of Christian, Expelling of Christian converted from the community, etc. These are all evil forces that attacks Christian religion as Paul has already said; we are against the evil forces, against the world of power of darkness where the devil is roaring like a Lion looking for the sheep.
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How does Philip Pullman's book The Golden Compass attack religion?

Answer Pullman has made controversial statements, telling The Washington Post in 2001 he was "trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief." In 2003, he said that compared to the Harry Potter series, his books had been "flying under the radar, saying things that are far more subversive than a ( Full Answer )

Under what conditions do shark attacks occur?

Shark attacks may occur when there's a feeding frenzy going on and a shark gets excited and ACCIDENTALLY attacks a nearby human. It can also happen when there's a surfer on a board and from under water, it looks like the surfer is a seal.... and you know, it attacks the human. Trust me.... I study t ( Full Answer )

What religions were attacked in World War 2?

the most religions that were attacked were the Jewish people that was very sad for them and bad. --- But it is was the Jews as a 'race' (ethnicity) - not the Jewish religion - that the Nazis tried to eradicate. World War 2 was not a 'religious war' or' war of religion'.

Give examples of Disney attacks on Religion in cartoons etc?

I"ll state a number of direct and indirect examples. Satire on religious sisters, who may have added some spiritual values, in (Sleeping Beauty) what would be wrong with Sisters Faith, Hope, and Charity? Deliberate editing out of religious sites or elemetns in themany Disney travelogues and light dr ( Full Answer )

Is a Heart Attack Recordable under OSHA Regulations?

Incidents are not recordable if the employee has symptoms that merely surfaced while at work but were the result of a non-work related event or exposure. For example, a cold or an infection from a cut that was received at home is not recordable. Additionally, "activities of daily living" are not nor ( Full Answer )

What religion was ancient Rome under?

they believed in the same gods as the Greeks did but with different names called spirts and were nsmed as plantes not in humman form

How do wombats survive if they are under attack?

Often wombats do not survive if they are under attack, and this is why the Northern Hairy nosed wombat is endangered.. Wombats in the immediate vicinity of their burrows stand a better chance of surviving an attack. Their burrow is only the size of their own body. They can then turn their heavy bod ( Full Answer )

What religion was John Travolta raised under?

Um, D'uh! I can only imagine that as his mother is Irish and his father is Italian he was raised Catholic. Seems he couldn't hack a real religion adn turned to L. Ron Hubbard.

Was religion a factor in the IRA attacks?

No, not at all. They were made up of all religions and in 1988, a member was killed by his comrades for attacking a Catholic, just for being Catholic, which shows how the organisation were against sectarianism.

Why in every movie new york is under attack?

The commentarys love it.You know how you watch previews and it says its the funniest movie ever. It helps the ranking of the movie that's why. Cities make more of an effect. New York is easily recognizable and huge.

Do people under 18 have the freedom of religion?

You should be able to because it is your life, and you should be able to have whatever religion you want, though since you are not an adult (I'm assuming.) then you might not be able to choose your religion, though I'm not an expert, and I may be wrong, so you might want to research the laws regardi ( Full Answer )

Why is H1N1 attacking more people under the age of 25?

It is not attacking them so much as they are simply more vulnerable to it. You see, this age group are the ones in close proximity to large poulations of others the of similar age; they are at school and college. Plus, especialy the really young kids, still do not have as strong an immune system ( Full Answer )

What religion does Mormonism come under?

"Mormonism" (accurately called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints") is a Restorationist Christian denomination. However, many Protestant Christian groups reject the validity of the term "Restorationist Christian" and consider Mormonism its own religion, not Christian. To learn more ( Full Answer )

Why does no one help the Palestinian Children who are under attacks from Israel?

Answer 1 Cause the Western superpowers especially USA and UK support Israelfor Religious reasons and decided to turn a blind eye. The Arab Leadersare corrupted. The obvious root cause of this bloody conflict isZionism but no country wants to risk their neck. Personally, the only country thatcan sol ( Full Answer )

What was the religion was the terrist of the attack of 9 11?

All of the terrorists involved in the 9/11/01 attacks considered themselves to be Muslims - followers of Islam. Islam, however, refers to itself as a religion of peace, so it has been questioned whether they truly followed Islamic teachings. ****************** It is believed that most of the t ( Full Answer )

What does a llama do when it is angry or under attack?

A llama may spit when aggravated but when a llama is under attack it can kick, stomp an animal to death, or if it is a male llama vs male llama fight they may bite each other with their fighting teeth. Many people have these teeth removed to prevent injuries.

What was the role of religion under communism?

Some Communist societies try to eliminate whatever religion existed in a country prior to the communist revolution. In China, for example, there has been an attempt to eliminate Buddhism, leading to the current conflicts with the Dali Lama and Tibet. Chinese religion is very secular. In Russia, many ( Full Answer )

What did attackers do when tunneling under a medieval castle's walls?

The people who dug under castle walls were miners, and their work was intended to wreck the walls. I have read a passage that talked about this in some detail, where miners dug a tunnel under a castle wall, producing a rather large chamber that had exposed the stone of the wall itself. They did not ( Full Answer )

Is polygamy legal under the Mormon religion?

No. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) banned the practice of polygamy over 120 years ago in 1890. Anyone who has been found entering into a polygamous marriage since that time has been immediately excommunicated from the Church. Those polygamists you see on TV ( Full Answer )

Is the religion Islam responsible for terrorists attacks today?

Answer A yes and no because Islam allows Jihad and allows individual Immams to encourage Jihad and to fight against the west, Islam bears a heavy responsibility where terrorism is concerned. However, it is the individual who decides to maim and kill in the name of Islam who is responsible for his ( Full Answer )

What religion does Buddhism come under?

Although it depends upon how the word "religion" is defined, Buddhism does not come under any religion. It is its own way of life. It is sometimes understood as an offshoot of Hinduism. .

Was the pentagon once under attack by terrorists?

The pentagon was under attack during the plot of September 11, 2001. However, the pentagon's thick walls and military-base protection system made it difficult for the plane to lacerate the pentagon's inner-walls too much. Only 125 people were killed in the attack of the pentagon.

Is there a catholic religion not under the diocese?

The Polish National Catholic Church is a Schismatic body NOT in communion with Rome. Given the fact that John Paul II was a remarkably long-lived POPE, ( Roman Rite) it is amazing the PNCC survives, but we have traditions of religious freedom in America. The PNCC had close ties to the so-called Old ( Full Answer )

What causes depression when you are under flu attack?

people getting in your way and them getting on your nurvs. Its never a good feeling when you've got flu. When you shout at someone when you've got flu, just say to them sorry and explain that you shouted at them because of the flu. appoligise to them. x

Why did the national convention attack the catholic religion how did they do so?

The Revolution not only transformed the French government but alsoattempted to completely transform French society. The leaders ofthe new government wanted to erase all connections to old ways oflife, including religion. Many clergy members lost their positions.In Paris the local government closed t ( Full Answer )

What religion do Jehovah's witnesses fall under?

christianity. they are the only religion who refuse to go to war, and fight their fellow man, because of the commandment of jesus christ; to love ones neighbour as oneself....

Is Christianity under attack nowadays?

Christianity is not under attack. The Christian church is beginning to catch up with modern society in terms of norms and values. They are becoming increasingly open to "issues" that they previously conflicted, such as same-sex marriages, abortions and contraception. However the Christian churc ( Full Answer )

Why is the constitution under attack?

Obama. The idiot is trying to ban guns. In the constitution, it states that everyone is allowed to bear arms for their own safety, and since the recent shooting, he's been trying to ban h Them. Democrats try to change America from what it should be

What kept attackers from digging under the main walls in a castle?

There were a number of ways, the castle could be built on solid rock, even sandy or waterlogged land. A moat or deep ditch could surround the castle walls, the castle could be built in the middle or an artificial lake. The defenders could dig a tunnel towards the attackers tunnel and cause a collaps ( Full Answer )

What religions does buddha come under?

Many Buddhists don't think of Buddhism as a religion in the classical sense rather a way of life, philosophy or spirtual path.

Which religion does the Unitarian Church fall under?

Unitarianism does not really fall under any religion, although it grew out of the Protestant reformation in the 16th century. The Unitarian church has no standard set of beliefs like most religions and believe that religious truth is not necessarily told in a holy scripture or a holy person.

Why is Israel under constant attack?

Israel is not under "constant attack", although Israel is attackedoften. The primary reason for these attacks is that various Araband Muslim groups virulently oppose Israel's Right to Exist andIsrael's treatment of the Palestinians. Of course, there are manyin-feeding reasons for these beliefs and t ( Full Answer )

What do you put under your tongue when you have had a heart attack?

Nitroglycerin tablets are placed under your tongue in the event ofchest pains due to angina, not for a heart attack. You can also usea nitroglycerin spray. The nitroglycerin acts to widen (dilate) theblood vessels in your heart allowing more blood to flow to yourheart muscles. The pain is because no ( Full Answer )