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The colony of Maryland was founded as a home where English Catholics could practice their faith. This colony was founded by Lord Baltimore in 1634.

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Q: What religious group lived in Maryland?
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Which religious group sought religious freedom in Maryland?


How religious group sought religious freedom in Maryland?

the africans

What religious group settled in Maryland?


What religious group is connected with Maryland?


What group wanted religious freedom in Maryland?


Maryland was founded as a haven for which religious group?

The catholics

Maryland was safe for which religious group?

Trinitarian Christians.

What religious group first settled in Maryland?


What religious group did maryland serve refuge for?


What is the most main religious group in Maryland?


What religious group did Lord Baltimore establish Maryland for?


What Religious Group Discovered Maryland?

Roman Catholics, sort of

For which religious group was Maryland founded?

It was intended to be a haven for English Catholics.

What group of native Americans lived on Maryland before it was founded?

The Piscataway tribe is indigenous to Southern Maryland.

What group sought religious freedom in Maryland?

In 1664, the Maryland assembly passed the Toleration Act, which allowed religious freedom in the colony to all Christians.

Which religious group founded Maryland?

Catholics were the religious group that founded Maryland.Lord Baltimore also founded it but I am pretty sure one person can not be a religious

What religious group lived in rhode island?

they became more accurate.

What group of English colonist settled in Maryland in order to avoid religious persecution?

The quakers

Was there religious freedom in Maryland?

Yes, there was religious freedom in Maryland.

Which group wanted religious freedom in Maryland?

Catholics from Europe, especially from England, moved to Maryland seeking freedom of religion.

Why did cecil calvert found Maryland?

He was a Catholic and his religious group was persecuted. Maryland was created as a safe haven for those persecuted Catholics.

Did Maryland have religious freedom?

yes Maryland did have religious freedom

Was Maryland religious tolerant in 1634?

Maryland was founded for religious freedom for Catholics of course they were religious tolerant!!

How many settlers lived in Maryland in 1790?

how many people lived in maryland in 1790

How many people lived in Maryland in the colony?

How many people lived in Maryland in 1790