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What remote control will work on a Symphonic TV model WF24T5?


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June 16, 2008 3:17AM

Most large department stores and almost all big electronics stores have programmable remote controls for sale. These remotes are designed to replace missing or broken remotes and can be programmed to operate almost any newer television on the market. (The instructions come with the remotes.) Oh, and they don't cost too much, either. Under ten bucks in most cases. Note: There are still a few "hard-headed" manufacturers who make sets that have remotes with "oddball codes" and they cannot be replaced with the universal remotes. Some Symphonic sets are like this. Buy a remote from a company that will take it back if it won't program to your set. Ask them up front about returns. Radio Shack is one such company that will take the remote back if you cannot make it work with your unit and you return it with all the stuff it came with - including the receipt.